Outlook express / Tiscali broadband

  Bike-it 10:26 12 Aug 2004

Hi I have had to get my computer remastered as i was having a lot of problems with it,I have two e-mail addresses both with tiscali,one i use thruogh my broadband account one i normally use with outlook express, but it does not work anymore, a message appears saying Your pop3 server has not responded in 60 seconds would you like to retry,
Account pop tiscali
server localhost.

Please keep any replys as simple as possible as i am new to all this computer jargan

  johnnyrocker 10:39 12 Aug 2004

rough guess you have the wrong 'connect to using' settings in the properties/connection settings of the accounts, or else you have something wrong in the incoming/outgoing server settings both of which help should be available from your isp if you get stuck.


  Gongoozler 11:01 12 Aug 2004

In Tools, Accounts. first make sure that pop.tiscali.co.uk is set as default and connection is set to "Any available". Now click on the Properties button. Under the General tab, check that the mail account is pop.tiscali.co.uk, and your name and email address are correct. Now click on the Servers tab. Check that "My incoming mail etc is POP3 server, incoming mail is pop.tiscali.co.uk and outgoing mail is smtp.tiscali.co.uk. Next make sure that your account name and password are correct, including the correct case. Passwords are case sensitive. Now click on the Connection tab. The "Always connect to this account using" box should say "Internet ADSL".

Now go to Start - All Programs - Accessories - Communications - Network connections. Check that under Dial-up you have Internet ADSL, Type - Dial-up, Device Name USB ADSL WAN Adapter. Phone # adsl.

The other thing that often gives a problem is a firewall. If you have one, temporarily disable it. once you have established a connection, you can always set the firewall to allow your browser and emails.

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