Outlook Express text is not full width of screen

  timothywilliam 20:36 14 Nov 2004

Text not the full width in OE.

I run Windows XP and have OE 6.

Sometimes, but not always, the text in lengthy documents I receive in Outlook Express do not go the full width of the page on screen, nor when copied and pasted to a Word document, does the layout change. On other occasions the full width will be used in OE and it transfers fine to Word.. I don’t know why this is but it is a lengthy process to realign all the text when I transfer it to the Word document and it makes a document twice as long of course.
Have I got something wrong in my page set up ? Does everyone have this happen and if not can you tell me how I can correct it- please ?

  boot-it-out 08:59 15 Nov 2004

Hi Timothy,

This could be as simple as the way your message sender typed the message if they added a few Carriage return strokes on their keyboard.

eg If they were typing the text in a "smaller" Window or different Screen resolution than yours then they might be filling up a line and entering a Carriage Return stroke.

If you open the message up in a Word document, or copy and paste it into Word, you should then be able to click the "Show/Hide" button on the toolbar and see where the sender put their Carriage return strokes.

If you can't see the Show/Hide button ( usually displayed to the left of the page size box ) then click on View / Toolbars and select "Standard"

The Show / Hide button has the same symbol that is used to display a Carriage return stroke - it looks like 2 vertical lines with a small semi circle top left.

This in itself won't fix the problem but it might at least explain what's going on !

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