Outlook Express and Talk21

  Border View 12:30 15 Oct 2003

I recently set up an e-mail account with Talk21 and as per instructions on their web site configured Outlook Express to send and receive e-mails using my Talk21 e-mail address.

I can receive e-mails no problem, but when I try to send using the Talk21 address I get the message "the message could not be sent because one of the recipients was rejected by the server. The e-mail address was ..... subject.... Service "out.talk21.com Protocol SMTP. Server Response "550 relaying mail to lineone.net is not allowed, Port 25 Secure (SSL) No. Server Error 550, Error Number Ox800CCC79"

Can anyone please advise me where I am going wrong. I've tried sending e-mail to other addresses and get a similar message.

  Border View 12:37 15 Oct 2003

Should have gone into Talk21 web site before posting. I've just done so and found out that if you are using another ISP to send e-mails also then Talk21 won't let you send via them, otherthan going direct onto the web site.

Sorry to have bothered you.

  frior-one 13:39 15 Oct 2003

i am not sure you're right. my wife uses talk21 as her e-mail address. although we connect using bt anytime. she can type a message in oe, click send and it connects to anytime and then sends, but perhaps this is ok because talk21 is bt.....as i said you are right...i think....

  johnnyrocker 14:05 15 Oct 2003

surely it is warning you of a recipient with a wrong address unless i am reading your post wrong, if the supect address (it tells you which one) is ok you might have to unin/reinstall oe to resolve a possible corruption.



  johnnyrocker 17:08 15 Oct 2003

would be interested to know how this was resolved?



  Taebek 18:04 15 Oct 2003

I had a similar problem connecting via btopenworld using my talk21 account. I emailed talk 21 help desk (very helpful people)
they suggested I use the default bt mail server "mail.btinternet.com" instead of the "in.talk21.com and out.talk21.com" for the incoming and outgoing servers.
since then no problems with sending my emails
hope this helps your problem Barmoor!

  Border View 14:39 16 Oct 2003

Checked my postings and noticed that there had been some responses to my thread.

I have revisited Talk21 web site just to check the position about sending e-mails using their protocol but through Outlook Express and this is was it says:

In addition, provided you use BT provided ISP services (eg BTOpenworld) you can also send any email you have written using email software such as Outlook Express. In this case it uses a computer protocol known as SMTP. However, for security reasons, it is not possible to send from talk21 using SMTP if you use other ISPs such as Freeserve, AOL etc. If you are accessing the Internet using other ISPs and want to send email from your talk21 account you must use a WEB browser to access talk21 by logging on at click here.

I use Lineone SMTP as my default e-mail. So now if I want to send an e-mail using my Talk21 account I have to go into their web site. No problems receiving, just sending.

I ticked the rersolved box to stop any notification e-mails from PCA

Many thanks for your interest. Hope the above outlines the situation.

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