Outlook express takes ages to open.

  [DELETED] 16:45 06 Sep 2003

This has started to happen even when we swap profiles, any ideas, I have XP and 256MB RAM.

I think it might have something to do with the nvidia media centre that i recently installed, if this is the reason how can you uninstall the program? as i doesn't appear on the add remove programs nor on the programs list.


  [DELETED] 17:11 06 Sep 2003

NVidia Media Centre is part of the Detonator Drivers.

Right click desktop, select Properties, Settings, Advanced. Select your NVidia Card Tab. Go down the Desktop Utilities and Uncheck Show Display media Centre icon in the Taskbar.

Also try disabling your AV as it maybe scanning your in-boxes whilst it opens.

Also compact your folder in OE and remove all unneeded messages esp those with massive attachments. You can save the attachment to a folder on your PC and delete the messages. Clear the Deleted items too... then compact the folders - Tools menu, Options, Maintainance, Clean Up Now, Compact

  [DELETED] 18:41 06 Sep 2003

i have had the same problem especially if Win Messenger is installed but not active when you launch Outlook. The solution was to get rid of Win messenger and put on MSN Messenger V6.0 Worked for me.

  [DELETED] 11:27 07 Sep 2003

Is this any help to you? click here

  [DELETED] 12:11 07 Sep 2003

I have had a problem with Outlook Express taking a long time to open ever since I removed Messenger. Have just followed the solution provided in Peverelli's link and it has certainly made a difference. Made sure I backed the registry first though to be on the safe side.

  [DELETED] 20:17 08 Sep 2003

Everyone, tried Nvidia taskbar icon but I have no desktop utilities tab, so no go there.

Tried cleaning up OE and still nothing.

have got MSN 6.0 already installed.

Tried changing the registry from Peverelli's link but still no change.

Anymore ideas??????

  [DELETED] 09:17 20 Sep 2003

Have you tried removing and reinstalling IE? As outlook Express is a component of that you should at least have a known good starting point.

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