Outlook Express Spell Checker

  Dumble452 11:05 29 Apr 2004

I am running Outlook Express 6 on Windows XP and have Word and Excel loaded as part of Office 97. When I send an e-mail I get the following error message " The spell check was stopped. Do you wish to send this message anyway?" or words to that effect. Any ideas as to what may be causing this? The spell checker works OK in Word and Excel.

  scooby43 11:53 29 Apr 2004

when you send emails do you check the spelling in the emails. sometimes when you click send to send the email it shows this message asking whether you have finished spell check if you say no you can contine spell check.

  Dumble452 21:29 29 Apr 2004

I had the spell checker set to always check spelling before sending. Now I have set it to manual and all I get is a message saying that an error has occurred.

  scooby43 13:54 30 Apr 2004

are you using office ?

  scooby43 14:03 30 Apr 2004

try this click here

  Dumble452 15:20 30 Apr 2004

That sounds as if it may do the trick. Thanks, will let you know if it works. Just returned from Fri lunch in the pub so will attempt it when I'm sober!

  ternard 00:05 01 May 2004

Are you using SpyBot S&D
I have found that it brings up a Microsoft Autodialer for updating MS Works, and clicking on the details it says if this Autodialer is removed, it will stop OEspellchecker working.

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