Outlook Express spell check error

  Halmer 13:02 26 Nov 2003

An error occured while the spelling was being checked.

I get this message on Outlook Express; can anyone advise me ahy please?

  spikeychris 13:18 26 Nov 2003
  Halmer 13:23 26 Nov 2003

In the meantime I have managed to establish that there is a file missing inthe 'proof' folder called Csapi3tl.dll.

How do these things just go missing?

Can I just copy and paste it from a second PC in the house?

  spikeychris 13:28 26 Nov 2003

You could. It's also on the installation disk.

  spikeychris 13:31 26 Nov 2003

Just to point out the name of the DLL is Csapi3t1.dll. Note the final digit is a 1 (one) not an L

  Halmer 14:15 26 Nov 2003

How do I extract it from the disc?

  spikeychris 14:20 26 Nov 2003

What O/S?

  Halmer 14:58 26 Nov 2003


  spikeychris 15:02 26 Nov 2003

M% have another way.

Open regedit and Double-click to expand the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE folder, expand the Software folder, and then expand the Microsoft folder.
Double-click to expand the Shared Tools folder, and then click the SharedFilesDir value.
On the Edit menu, click Modify.
Type C:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\ in the Value Data box, and then click OK.

  spikeychris 15:05 26 Nov 2003


1. Put in the Windows XP CD

2. Go to Start>Run

3. In the Open box type msconfig and then click OK

4. Click on the "Expand File" button, located in the bottom right corner of the System Configuration Utility

5. In the "File to Restore" box, type in CSAPI3T1.DLL

6. In the "Restore From" box type in "?:\i386 \CSAPI3T1.DL_" [without the quotes and substituting your cd-rom drive letter in place of the ?]

7. In the "Save file in" box type "[Drive letter where XP is installed]:\Program Files\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof" [Again, without the quotes]

8. Click on the Expand button. If you have trouble expanding the file, you can download it from click here

9. Go back to C:\Program File\Common Files\Microsoft Shared\Proof

10. Rename CSAPI3T1.DL_ to CSAPI3T1.DLL (It doesn't seem to matter whether you do it in upper case or lower case).

11. Go into Outlook Express, open Tools - Options and then go to the Spelling tab. Put a check mark in "Always check spelling before sending."

12. You may need to reboot the computer to complete it.

  Stuartli 15:06 26 Nov 2003

OE uses Word or similar word processor program's spell checker.

Using System File Checker should find the missing/corrupted file and you can then reinstall it.

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