outlook express spam overload!

  lonemascot 20:34 27 Jun 2007

recently i keep getting similar emails from countless different people. i block each sender but it hasn't stemmed the sheer amount of rubbish i get sent. its all to do with gambling and im sure its from party poker or something.

anyway, how do i stop it?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:42 27 Jun 2007

You need to change your email address.


  lonemascot 21:03 27 Jun 2007

i can't its the master one for the broadband account

  bruno 21:50 27 Jun 2007

I have just started having the same trouble on one of my accounts.On an account I have had for years without any spam I suddenly,about a month ago, started getting loads of rubbish.Much of it from Germany and Europe.None of it made a lot of sense.They have obviously got hold of the address from somewhere.Always a different sender so you can't really block it.

  Graham. 22:17 27 Jun 2007


  lonemascot 00:28 29 Jun 2007

i'm with bt internet and use outlook express to view mail.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:32 29 Jun 2007

You can have up to 5 email accounts.


  p;3 14:25 29 Jun 2007

click here

line 30b for a good mailwasher version

what protection and other stuff do you have on the comp and have you EVER clicked on ANY of the mails on the 'please do not send any more mails 'tab to tell them to stop sending a mail to you?

  lonemascot 18:16 29 Jun 2007


my family are all assigned their own email so they have all been used.


i have norton systemworks 2003 (didn't like 2006).
i have clicked those buttons on the ones have them. the spam i get is just a message and doesn'tcontain any other links than the one that leads to a virus etc.

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