Outlook Express "Spam" marking

  montyburns 16:01 20 Jul 2007

I have emails arriving via OE which have been marked as *** Spam *** - for example just recieved

"*** SPAM *** PC Advisor: The 20 most annoying IT products in history"

I think OE is marking it this way. Works well in a lot of cases (the usual Viagra and enhancement ones for example) but it also does the same on genuine ones.

How do I stop/change this?


  Noodlestrudel 17:44 20 Jul 2007

No idea but would be chuffed if someone else knew - I have this too!

  montyburns 10:41 21 Jul 2007

Can no-one help?


  brundle 10:48 21 Jul 2007

Either your ISP is marking them mistakenly or you have some antispam software which you need to configure.

  Noodlestrudel 19:19 21 Jul 2007

Well, not sure about montyburns, but I'm using Orange - could they be marking them?

Also using Mailwasher but don't think this would mark them? (and using AVG and Windows Defender - ditto?)

  bretsky 21:57 21 Jul 2007

You really need to go to your webmail (go to your ISP's home page and sign in to your email so you read them off the server) when signed in you need to go to your email settings to see if you have spam filtering, if so, you need to switch this on so that when these "*** SPAM *** PC Advisor: The 20 most annoying IT products in history" emails are sent to your server the filter will catch them so they wont end up in your inbox.

I think how they get marked as spam is along their journey they pass though spam detectors such as spam cop database and are marked as such, so that when they arrive at your ISP they get recognised and fitered.

But as spam is ever evolving and spammers are find cleverer ways of sending this rubbish, some emails will get through the net.

I use Orange B/B and first go to my webmail to see what messages I have and delete my spam which have been filtered to the junk mail folder.

Switching on spam filters is a good idea but you do need to check the junk mail folder because some legit email will end up there by mistake, such as when you buy goods online or register with a website and they send you a conformation email which you just teach the filter not to direct it there.

I would try Mozilla Thunderbird click here
as your email program which has a built in spam filter if you don't want to mess about with your webmail, it's supposed to be very effective.

I use Thunderbird with Mailwasher pro amd spam filters switched on with Orange B/B.


bretsky ;0)

  bretsky 22:00 21 Jul 2007

"Pass through spam detectors" should be.

bretsky ;0)

  montyburns 13:48 25 Jul 2007

Thanks for suggestions - sorry for delayed reply!

I've established that it IS Orange that are doing this, but as I use OE not Webmail, not sure if I can resolve it (I use OE as I have to manage a number of accounts at once, so Webmail is too clunky)

Been on to Orange who seem unable to answer the simple question: Can you switch it off for me?

  jason.p 11:56 26 Aug 2007

Like most other people, I'm having problems with an increasing amount of spam, so I've changed my email address in OE, and deleted the old account. Unfortunately, it appears that you can't change your email address in Orange for some reason, so I'm still receiving all the junk, which is labelled as spam, and goes into the "deleted file" folder. I'm not bothered about missing anything that has been sent to the deleted file by mistake, so what I would like to do is have this stuff removed directly, and not put into any folder at all. Is this possible in OE or is there any other mail handling program which can do this?
Thanks in advance Jason.

  bretsky 15:23 26 Aug 2007

Orange servers do it and is deleted after seven days, you switch on their spam filters and any spam caught is sent to their junk mail folder, I've just deleted 34 in my junk mail folder since last night.

You really need to go to your Orange webmail (go to Oranges home page and sign in to your email so you read them off the server) when signed in you need to go to your email settings to see if you have spam filtering.

bretsky ;0)

  jason.p 10:46 27 Aug 2007

Thanks Bretsky. Just been to webmail page and set up the spam filter arrangement. It would be nice if they could delete it quicker than 7 days! Straight away would suit me. Like you, I'm getting 40-60 a day, that's quite a lot in 7 days!
Thanks again, I'll see how it goes

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