Outlook Express Sharing

  Stevosssp 11:47 20 Jan 2006

I have recently set up a wireless LAN at home. It is working great file sharing printer sharing perfect. However with my Email, Outlook express when Sending and recieving mail the mail goes to the computer it was recieved on and doesnt appear on the other computer on the LAN so its first come first serve as to which computer gets a copy of the mail. Can I set it up so that a copy of the email will be on each computer?

  mgmcc 12:06 20 Jan 2006

Yes, set Outlook Express in both computers to leave messages on the server, so that the same message can be downloaded again by the second computer. However, you don't want to leave them on the server indefinitely because, as the number of old messages grows, it will take an increasing amount of time for the mail program to check to see which are "new" messages. You can set Outlook Express to remove them after a set number of days.

  Stevosssp 12:26 20 Jan 2006

Is there no way of setting OE so that it shares the mail? Am I correct in saying Microsoft Outlook allows sharing rather than leaving a copy on server?

  mgmcc 13:06 20 Jan 2006

You may be able to by using a synchronisation program, such as AllWay Sync click here to keep its various folders the same in both PCs. I have never tried setting it up with Outlook Express.

It is not as "clean" as Outlook, which has just the one .PST file to synchronise, because there are .DBX folders for each of Outlook Express's mailboxes. I use Mozilla Thunderbird which is easy to "sync" because I specify the location for saving its files.

  reen 20:06 20 Jan 2006

how do you change setting to leave messages on server

  mgmcc 20:42 20 Jan 2006

To leave messages on the server, in the Outlook Express menus, go to "Tools > Accounts", highlight the Account in the Mail tab and click Properties. In the next box that opens, select the Advanced tab and, in the Delivery section at the bottom, tick the box "Leave a copy of messages on server".

  reen 22:39 20 Jan 2006

tried that all that happens is two copies of the message are left on one of the pc's also trying to set up second email address eg [email protected] and [email protected] but only the first one recieving mail

  Stevosssp 23:57 20 Jan 2006

got it all set up for microsoft outlook. With Allway sync on laptop. Do i need to install allway on desktop?

also getting an important message appearing as follows:
20/01/2006 23:57, API call error, Access is denied.(80070005), Error while copying "C:\Documents and Settings\Stephen Paterson\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook\Outlook.pst" to "\\Stephen\Outlook\Outlook.pst" using intermediate "\\Stephen\Outlook\_SYNCAPP\temp\4128A640.tmp", create_folder_failed1

  mgmcc 08:29 21 Jan 2006

<<< Do i need to install allway on desktop? >>>

No, install it and run it from one or the other but not both.

<<< also getting an important message appearing as follows: >>>

The folder that you are synchronising to in the remote PC does need to be set as "shared" in the same way as any other folder being accessed over the network. Even so I, and someone else using the program, do from time to time get this message although, provided the file is accessible over the network, the "Retry" option normally works.

  mgmcc 08:46 21 Jan 2006

<<< tried that all that happens is two copies of the message are left on one of the pc's >>>

I have heard of the duplicate message problem with Outlook Express but don't know why it happens or if it is related to downloading messages to more than one computer. Downloading to multiple computers may confuse Outlook Express's message tracking so it downloads the same message again.

<<< also trying to set up second email address eg [email protected] and [email protected] but only the first one recieving mail >>>

Have you set up two "aliases" for the one mailbox or two separate "mailboxes" in Blueyonder's SelfCare? If it is a new "mailbox", messages need to be retrieved by setting up a new Account in Outlook Express with the Username the same as the first but with _2 (that is underscore 2) added at the end.

  Stevosssp 10:05 21 Jan 2006

THe all synch has copied my address book to the laptop too. They all apear in the contacts; however on the toolbar if i click on the address book icon or try using the address book search field on microsoft i get the following message, can you advise thanks

Th address list could not be displayed. The contacts folder associated with this address list could not be opened; it may have been moved or deleted, or you do not have permissions. For information on how to remove this folder from the Outlook Address Book , see microsoft office outlook help.

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