Outlook express sets up new inbox

  technician 08:31 26 Apr 2010

It seems that outlook Express has set up a new inbox. I've checked where the files are located and there's a inbox.dbx folder and a inbox(1).dbx folder. I've tried deleting the new one but it keeps coming back. All my old e-mails are in the original folder, how do I get to them ?

  Sea Urchin 11:51 26 Apr 2010

On your list of folders in OE presumably the Inbox shows as Inbox(1) instead of just Inbox as here:

click here

Does the plain Inbox folder show anywhere further down the list?

  technician 12:06 26 Apr 2010

In Outlook Express it shows as just inbox. But if I go through My Computer\Local Settings\Application Data\Identies\Guid\Microsoft\Outlook Express there's two inbox folders.

  Sea Urchin 12:13 26 Apr 2010

So is that Inbox showing in OE empty?

  technician 12:17 26 Apr 2010

It was to start with, now all my new messages are going into the new one.

  Batch 17:15 26 Apr 2010

First of all, exit OE and then make sure you have a back up copy of all of your mail DBXs before doing anything else.

Then, as you believe the new empty one is inbox(1).dbx, rename this to something else (e.g. CRUDinbox.dbx).

Then rename inbox.dbx to inbox(1).dbx

Then start OE and see what happens.

  technician 22:20 26 Apr 2010

Thanks guys. Doing what Batch sugested seems to have worked. Its gone back to original inbox. Cheers

  Batch 09:48 27 Apr 2010

It might be that the original inbox has started to get corrupted - which would explain why OE created the new inbox(1).dbx

To be on the safe side you might like to consider doing the following:

Open OE and create a temporary mail folder directly under Local Folders called, say, TMPInbox. Then move all messages from Inbox to TMPInbox.

Close OE.

Rename inbox(1).dbx (I assume it is still called that) to, say, OLDinbox.dbx.

Restart OE. OE should create a new pristine Inbox (which should now be called inbox.dbx). You can then move messages from TMPInbox to Inbox or anywhere else that you chose.

See "When Special Folder Stop Being Special" at click here for more info.

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