Outlook Express - same address, diff comp,

  Brucemac 23:04 29 Jul 2003

V similar problem recently discussed - home desktop and roving laptop download emails on OE. I want to transfer and 'merge' the messages, addresses. Have tried putting .dbx files on laptop into My Briefcase to transfer by crossover to desktop but been unsuccessful, also don't want to lose addresses / messages in the 'merging ' process. Will Briefcase - if I can make it work - over write messages on desktop or add to desktop .dbx file ???

  User-312386 23:16 29 Jul 2003

heres what you do

leave all messages on the server

here is how to do it

in OE go to tools>accounts>properties(of the account you want to have on the server)>advanced

now tick the box that says"leave a copy of the message on the server"

Do this for both computers

  DieSse 23:53 29 Jul 2003



Won't that just mean every time email is downloaded, all the new and old emails will arrive - thus duplicating the old ones time after time - and in the process quickly filling up the servers mail box?



You can accomplish what you want to do, reasonably easily, if you use Outlook - I have a client who does just that in fact.

You have to be a bit careful in administering it tho'.

You simply copy the pst files from one system to another - open the imported pst files as well as the native one, and you can see them both. If you really do want to merge them, you can simply drag and drop from the one set of folders to the other set.

  DieSse 23:58 29 Jul 2003

Using Outlook express - you can do a similar thing by copying across the folder (not just the files) with the dbx files in it - then running File -Import to transfer them into the in-use folders.

You can also seperately do a similar thing with the address book (wab file) - copy it across then do an import into the in-use address book.

If you do the copying via CD, when the files get to the desktop system, make sure any "read-only" attributes are turned off before you do the imports.

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