Outlook Express replacement needed please

  ChrisAnnSen 21:39 06 Jan 2017

After the demise of Outlook Express we have used Thunderbird to view our downloaded emails. However, it is becoming so unstable that we are thinking of making a change. Can anyone recommend a good alternative please? and can we export our contacts and emails to the new service?

  lotvic 00:37 07 Jan 2017

In what way is Thunderbird becoming unstable for you? I've been using it for years with no problem. I haven't found a better alternative.

  Forum Editor 00:57 07 Jan 2017
  ChrisAnnSen 07:00 07 Jan 2017

Thunderbird keeps telling me that mail.btinternet isn't responding when it obviously is as new emails have arrived and been sent. It also frequently claims that the password is wrong when there have been no changes and it was correct the last time it was used. It is easy enough to click 'Try again' but irritating and creates a feeling of unreliability.

  ChrisAnnSen 07:04 07 Jan 2017

Thanks for the link 'Forum Editor' - unfortunately most of the instructions go above my head. We have used Thunderbird ever since Outlook Express disappeared and always found it most reliable and efficient, it is just the last two months when it has been throwing a wobbly.

  alanrwood 10:48 07 Jan 2017

There is nothing wrong with Thunderbird. Same as Lotvik I have used it for the last 6 years without any problem. I would suggest that you uninstall Thunderbird after taking a copy of your Thunderbird profile. Then reinstall and link it to the existing profile (but just in case I would keep a second backup copy of it).

You can create a new profile by Run/thunderbird.exe -p and following the install instructions.

  Procrastinus 10:49 07 Jan 2017

I love Windows Live Mail 2012! Now before everyone jumps up and down, I know it is no longer supported by MS after 10-1-17, but you can still download it up to then or else download the off-line installer for installation after that date. Why do I like it? I find it simple and easy to use for single and multiple e-mail addresses (and I have a btinternet.com address!) Also I found it an easy transition from Outlook Express. Give it a try - you can always revert back perhaps with a clean reinstall of Thunderbird. Good luck!

  ChrisAnnSen 13:19 07 Jan 2017

Thanks, I was wondering about a reinstall.

Just been on Thunderbird and this is the error message which keeps appearing:

"Sending of password for (email address) not succeeded. Mail server mail.btinternet responded: internal server error IS6532"

  bretsky 13:34 07 Jan 2017

Have a look at this, it is a few years old, but points to a BT problem.

click here

  ChrisAnnSen 13:44 07 Jan 2017

So it looks like a bt/yahoo problem rather than Thunderbird and it looks like it's been going on for some time, may be I'm lucky it has only recently reached me! I'm not holding my breath that bt is going to do anything about it as it is supposed to be coming out of its association with Yahoo yet we are still connected - whereas other friends on btinternet have been moved away.

I'll see if there is a way to contact btinternet - but, again, I have my doubts!

Thanks everyone for your help.

  bretsky 13:46 07 Jan 2017

BTW have used Thunderbird since 2004 and still using it on all 3 PCs Linux included....nuff said. Try using T/bird without the ad-ons, goto help>restart with ad-ons disabled and see if it runs any better.

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