Outlook Express receiving but not sending

  Newuser2011 22:43 14 Apr 2003

Any ideas please - a freind is using Outlook Express (5.5)to send mail (like me) and he can receive mail but not send. when a message is sent everything looks as if the mail has been sent, no error messages are provided, all appears to be normal, but none of his messages are received by anyone.
He insists on using Netscape Explorer, but is using Outlook Express. This used to work OK, but at some time produced this unable to send problem.
Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

  eccomputers 23:17 14 Apr 2003

which ISP does your friend use?
You need to check the setting in outlook express for the smtp server name in tools/accounts/properties/servers

If they are leaving the outbox with no error messages then the emails are going to the mail server of the ISP but something is wrong there.

  DieSse 00:20 15 Apr 2003

Is he using Norton AV, with "Check outgoing mail" selected, and "Disconnect after sending" selected. if so this effect can happen, due to way in which NAV works. The answer is to desect the "Check outgoing mail" option in Norton.

The reason seems to be that the mail gets sent to the Norton proxy for checking - the system then disconnects and moves the mail to the Sent folder - but the mail has not actually left the system - it's still in the Norton internal proxy server!!

  Newuser2011 20:19 15 Apr 2003

Thnaks for the information folks - the ISP is BTOPENORLD, but, there is the complication that for some reason my friend had problems with Norton Antivirus (sorry, don't know the version) and has tried to uninstall it, but cannot. Thta had better be another story - I've checked the error message at Norton, but the explanations given do not appear to address the problem which is (by the way) Internal Eror 2753 and produced a very long message which is NMAIN.EXE.82434e30_423F_11D3_AF4B_00600811C705.
This is the message that does not appear to be in the Norton knowledgebase. However, replies to my origional query could hit the spot - thanks again. I'll post progress as soon as I can.

  eccomputers 21:02 15 Apr 2003

there have been viruses that attack nortons if the virus definitions havnt been kept up to date.
I would reinstall nortons by doing the following....

Go to control panel /add remove programs.
Select norton antivirus and click remove.
Dont worry about error messages, just go through them.
Now select liveupdate and click remove.
Now select livereg and click remove.
Now go to start and click on RUN and enter regedit. scroll to the top and highlight my computer. Now click edit and select FIND
Type in norton and click find next
Everytime the search stops, press the delete key and say yes. Now press F3 and keep deleting until you reach the end of the registry.
Now close regedit and open windows explorer.
Go to c:\program files and delete the norton antivirus folder. Now go to C:\program files\common files and delete the symantec shared folder.
Now run the IE6 upgrade (norton prefers version 6 due to the scripting). This update is on most magazine cds or can be downloaded.
Now reinstall Norton and all will be fine and hey presto, 12 more months upgrades :)

  Jonah(without the whale) 21:12 15 Apr 2003

Thanks eccomputers, I will pass this information to my friend. I have spoken to him a few minutes ago (before reading your reply) and he is considering reformatting his hard drive and restarting, but this information could seriously help.
Many thanks.

  Jonah(without the whale) 08:57 26 Apr 2003

Thnaks for the information again - yes, it was anti-virus that was causing the problem - now my friend has gone to Windows XP!

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