Outlook Express Question

  Dinkiz 18:18 22 Jan 2004

Hi All,
Can anyone tell me how I can save all my messages and folders in Outlook Express onto say, a floppy disc. I know how to save my address book, but shamefully haven't yet learned how to save the messages etc.

Many thanks in anticipation,

  gomez no es muchos 18:22 22 Jan 2004

you have to export them. you can save all messages and all address book contacts..

use the export wizard i think you need to save it as a CSV file..

  ©®@$? 18:22 22 Jan 2004

open outlook express/file/export/messages

  Dinkiz 18:25 22 Jan 2004

That just says it will export all messages to outlook, but I get no option to save them.

Any ideas?

  AndyJ 18:53 22 Jan 2004

Why don't you just drag and drop them?

  AndyJ 18:54 22 Jan 2004

Oops, sorry...didn't read the folders bit. What I asked will save individual or grouped emails

  beeuuem 18:55 22 Jan 2004

As AndyJ suggests use drag and drop.
You can save the messages in a seperate folder outside OE. Create a new folder on your Desktop or wherever you can find it easily.
Open Windows Explorer and OE.In OE select all the mail you wish to save and drag and drop these to the new folder. This folder can be saved on a floppy or CD if required.
The contents of the new folder can also be restored to OE by using drag and drop in the same way as above.

  beeuuem 19:04 22 Jan 2004

The above won't save folders.
Try click here
Multiple Folders
Create an Archive Identity
Create a new Identity and import the folders you wish to archive. Click Tools| Options| Maintenance| Store folder to locate the store.
Copy the entire store folder to your backup media.
You can now delete the OE mail folders from your original Identity. Delete the Archive Identity itself using File| Identities| Manage Identities before you delete its store folder from your hard disk.
Restore the Archive
If your archive store is on CD or a zip disk, copy it to your hard disk. OE must have write-access in order to import, so be sure none of the *.dbx files in the store are set to read-only.
In OE, click File| Import| Messages| Outlook Express| Store root directory, then browse to the archive store folder.
Select to import either All Folders or Selected Folders.

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