Outlook express query

  Fateful Thankful Shadow 14:17 29 Jul 2003

I have recently signed up to Virgin.net and I downloaded a tool to automatically update the settings for IE 6 and Outlook Express 6.

When I use OE now the top of the welcome page says "Outlook Express for..." ('...' being my dad's name!) Is there anyway in which I can change this to say my name, as this is my laptop?


  temp003 02:57 30 Jul 2003

You need to edit the registry.

Click Start, Run, type regedit and click OK. Registry Editor will open.

Be careful with what you do in Registry Editor.

On the left of the window, keep expanding the tree by clicking the plus signs until you get to:

HKEY Current User\ Identities\ {string of numbers and letters}\ Software\ Microsoft \Outlook Express\5.0

Highlight "5.0" by clicking it once. On the right, you should see a list of keys, with Name, Type and Data.

Now scroll down on the right, to the key called "WindowTitle". Highlight it by single-clicking it. Then click Registry on the top menu bar, and select Export Registry File.

You will be prompted to save it. Save it as OEtitle.reg at a location you can remember, such as your Desktop, or in My Documents. This is your backup of the registry key.

Double click the key "WindowTitle". In the box for Value Data, type the words you want to appear. For example, you can just change your dad's name to yours, or you can change the whole title to just Outlook Express, or My Email, or whatever. Click OK. Exit Registry Editor.

The changes should take place next time you restart OE, or if not, when you restart your computer.

You may have something similar in Internet Explorer.

The relevant key to edit is HKEY Current User\Software \Microsoft \ Internet Explorer\Main \WindowTitle

Highlight "WindowTitle". Export as registry file as IEtitle.reg. Then edit the "WindowTitle" key as before.

When you're happy with the changes, and nothing untoward is happening, delete the backed up registry files.

  Fateful Thankful Shadow 17:04 01 Aug 2003

It's not the title at the very top of the window I was on about lol.

When you access Outlook Express, if "Outlook Express" is highlighted on the console tree (I think that's what it's called...well, the list on the left!) then look at the top of the window next to it. It should have a black "Outlook" and a blue "Express."

Next to those 2 is my dad's name. How do I stop that from showing?

Thanks for the advice Temp003

  Fateful Thankful Shadow 17:06 01 Aug 2003

It's ok...I've just figured it out. I just had to go into the properties of the mail server and alter my dad's name to my name!

Thanks anyway!

  woodchip 17:12 01 Aug 2003

Got to Start/Run type regedit go to Edit/Find in the menu and type you dad's name as it shows in OE and right click it when you find it and change the name with modify F3 will take you to next entry

  Djohn 17:21 01 Aug 2003

I was confused for a mo, then I realise if you high lite the "Express" envelope in the left pane, then The back "Outlook" and "Blue" express appears in the top left of "Right" pane with name after it. But you've done it!LOL :o)

  temp003 18:00 01 Aug 2003

Yes, funny that. I set OE in Options to go to the Inbox directly, so I never see the view you were talking about. LOL too.

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