Outlook Express problems

  [DELETED] 20:22 27 Oct 2003

I've noticed recently that I've not been receiving certain regular e-mails. Any way by chance I looked in the delete folder of my Outlook Express and there were quite a few in there which shouldn't have been. Firstly I thought that a message rule had been applied by accident - no.
The other thing is that the deleted messages appear in red and are marked as read when they enter the delete folder.
I'm using XP pro with all the latest updates and Norton AV 2003 with the latest sigs.
I also have been using the freeware version of Mailwasher but haven't done so since I noticed this problem and it still persists.

Any help gratefully received.

  [DELETED] 21:26 27 Oct 2003

I had this problem when I had a faulty message rule. It said if the email was FROM 'me' move it to a specified folder. I did this to test emails would go to a test folder. WRONG, most incoming emails actually went to the deleted folder. I removed the message rule and the fault cleared.

  [DELETED] 21:46 27 Oct 2003

Cheers - madPentium that looks like the solution.
God knows how the message rules have been created in the first place.

Many thanks

  [DELETED] 03:55 31 Oct 2003

I can't set up my account. It says something about "incoming mail server" with "POP, SMTP".. and so on. Please clarify. I would be appreciate it very much.
Thank you very much indeed.

  Andsome 08:05 31 Oct 2003

You would do better to start another thread, this thread has already been ticked as resolved. Tell people who your ISP is, and I have no doubt that someone with the same ISP will tell you what the settings should be. Mine are 'Incoming'. pop.ntlworld.com 'Outgoing' smtp.ntlworld.com , Yours should be similar according to who the ISP is. Hope this helps.

  Stuartli 09:11 31 Oct 2003

Some ISPs use pop3 rather than just pop.

If you go to NTL's website (I presume it has one) you should be able to find the correct mail account(s) configuration in its Help pages.

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