Outlook Express problem

  daveac41 12:03 26 Sep 2008

I have just changed the cartridges on my printer, a Lexmark X1270. While the printer will print all I ask of it, it only prints the heading, but not the message, in OE. Why should this be?
Can anyone help, please?

  Wul799 14:21 16 Feb 2010

Were there any replies?

  ame 21:18 16 Feb 2010

click here but it only seems to apply to OE5.5, whereas you probably have OE6. Might give you some clues, though.

  ame 21:23 16 Feb 2010

Another solution I see on the web is to uninstall and reinstall the printer driver. This sounds a more likely solution to your problem.

  ame 21:26 16 Feb 2010

Sorry - click here was where I saw this. Seems to have worked for him, although it is weird!!

  Wul799 11:31 17 Feb 2010

Thanks for responses. I use OE 6.0 and I think I have done something to foul it up.The only things I can print from my e-mails are coloured lines and black lines linked to them.Have been having big problems with my BT Broadband droppng the internet conn totally randomly.Tried to download new driver for my HP 2410 All-in-one printer but line dropped out after few minutes. will wait to get BT to fix broadband and try again.Thanks again

  User-312386 15:42 17 Feb 2010

You have done nothing wrong at all. What you have to do is just click on the actual message itself(the bottom pane) and then print - I assume you just highlight the message and the click print?

  Wul799 10:52 20 Feb 2010

Thanks madboy33 for your input,unfortunately I tried what you suggested and got exactly same result.Have been off air so couldn't respond sooner. Am about to change router and hopefully sort out problem.Will post response if I manage it.

  Wul799 17:32 05 Mar 2010

I have a new computer with the same printer which now works because when I connected to the new computer it found a new driver. I also have a new router so that problem solved also.
Thanks to all who tried to help.

  lotvic 17:58 05 Mar 2010

Just for info: next time you have a problem, instead of dragging up an old thread start your own by using the box at bottom of Helproom page
'Create new subject for discussion'
that way you will not be hijacking someone elses and you will get notifications by email when someone posts to it (if you leave the box ticked for that option)and then when it is sorted you will be able to 'green tick' it Resolved.

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