outlook express problem

  mikeyboy32 17:51 04 Aug 2008

i had to replace my outlook express on my pc due to a virus yesterday. it seemed to be working fine. but since i updated my ie6 to ie7 today, outlook express now shuts down as i open it. any way of sorting this problem out without getting rid of my saved,sent,inbox emails?

  mikeyboy32 18:49 04 Aug 2008

cheers marg7 for the info. have saved my emails.how do i go about repairing outlook express? sorry i'm a novice about this stuff.

  mikeyboy32 20:49 04 Aug 2008

thanks for the help marg7. the strange thing is sometimes outlook express starts and works perfect.and other times it opens then closes itself again!
i think i may have a look into the windows live mail way of going about it.
any idea why sometimes oe may work and sometimes not though? strange.

  stuartjohnson 21:03 12 Mar 2009

My father has a problem on his outlook 2007 emails.
just rcently when send/recieving he gets a pop up box asking for netwoek password..
his password is correct in all parts of system but still it wont let him past??

it is outlook 2007 running on windows XP.

he spoke to his IP (Sky) who have said its a microsoft problem...

anyone have any ideas?

many thanks indeed

  peter99co 21:23 12 Mar 2009

You will get a better response if you start a new Subject

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