Outlook Express POP3 server setting

  Jonathan314159 22:13 07 Jan 2004

I'm using Outlook Express 6 and Windows XP. I've recently changed from a dial up ISP to a different provider with broadband and also recently installed McAffee spamkiller (yes I know there are perfectly good free ones out there, but anyway).

At around the same time I have started to get problems with the settings in the server properties. Specifically the incoming mail (POP 3) entry (ie the top box under the server tab), which should be [email protected] isp.co.uk changes to an address such as 127.01.01 (something like that anyway). Also the third box - Account name - is also sometimes changed. For one email address I have it should be myname%isp, and it changes the "%" to an "@".

Either of these changes stops the mail collection working.

Any ideas very much appreciated

  dave-jens 22:41 07 Jan 2004

Can you go to your ISP and recover the account? It will usually change to the correct settings.

  Jonathan314159 22:47 07 Jan 2004

Not sure what you mean by "recover the account" - I'm not losing any emails, and i can reset the settings easily enough, its just that the next day it has reverted back to the old settings.

  DieSse 00:03 08 Jan 2004

It's due to your anti-virus or the Macafee program (?).

Find out which by disabling each in turn.

What's happening, is, in order for them to intercept your email and examine it before it hits your In-box, they insert their own software - the OE settings are then changed to pick up checked email from this internal (to your computer) server.

Bet it's the Macafee program!!

  DieSse 00:04 08 Jan 2004

My pet name for macafee programs - "faultware"


  Jonathan314159 08:59 08 Jan 2004

Thanks - will uninstall McAffee when I get home and see if that cures it.

Have to say that a few years ago I had many problems with the McAffee system doctor type software which identified a host of problems with the computer (none of which seemed to be troubling me), corrected them, following which everything had gone haywire and I ended up doing a reinstall!

Will report back if uninstalling McAffee solves the problem...

  boon_intheuk 21:45 03 Mar 2004

I seem to be having the same type of problem, my incoming mail address changes to "localhost" and the real address gets added onto the end of my account name? This happens each time I restart my PC? Although my anti-virus software is "PC-cillin".
Jonathan314159, how did you get on with solving your problem?

  Jonathan314159 09:11 05 Mar 2004

er.... well I haven't sorted it out! I uninstalled Spamkiller, which has cured the problem of settings being changed. So I now get my email properly. However I also get the spam!

I haven't got round to reinstalling it or trying any other programs

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