Outlook express with photo's attachments

  Boy Zone 19:13 12 Nov 2004

HELP HELP Please !!!

I am trying to send some photos via email, but they seem to get encripted within the the system, and all the other end gets is gobbly gook. The text can't be read and the photos never arrive.
I have reviewed the setting, and to send I use HTML setting, i.e. send picture box ticked.
My ISP is BT, and I use XP home with SP2 installed.

  Graham ® 19:50 12 Nov 2004

More info, please. What is your email program, and what format are the pictures in.

The pictures are best sent as attachments in jpeg format, or embedded in the message.

Experiment by emailing yourself. You may need to reduce the size of photos by using a program such as Irfanview.

  Graham ® 19:52 12 Nov 2004

It's in the title!

  Graham ® 20:00 12 Nov 2004

In OE, Insert, File attachment, browse to the photo.

  Boy Zone 21:32 12 Nov 2004

Thanks but, I have sent photos using O/E for some time now, but it seems that currently the photos and text are not reaching the other end. If I send just text I have no problem. Only if the email contains photos or graphics.

  Graham ® 21:42 12 Nov 2004

I wonder if this is an SP2 problem?

  Boy Zone 22:08 12 Nov 2004

I also thought that this might be the case, but I have now taken SP2 off my PC???

  Graham ® 11:46 16 Nov 2004

From Help and Support (SP2):

By default, Outlook Express will not download pictures or other content, such as graphics sent in e-mail that is formatted in HTML. This helps prevent spam because it helps stop those who send spam from getting your e-mail address.

The new default Outlook Express settings:

Help you avoid viewing potentially offensive material by blocking the automatic download of pictures and other Internet content to your computer.

Allow you to decide which images are worth taking the time to download if you have a dial-up connection to the Internet.

Help reduce the junk mail you get.

Allow you to format messages in plain text (with rich-edit options available) by default. E-mail messages formatted in plain text are more secure than those formatted with HTML.

Allow you to reconfigure your e-mail settings if you want to see pictures or access other external content.

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