Outlook Express and Outllook attaching photos

  gadget119 12:16 27 May 2004

Hi All,

I have moved over some time ago from Outlook Express to using Oulook (both 2000 and 2003).

In Express when you attached a picture it used to preview on the recipients PC below the text on the e-mail.

Does anyone know what setting to tweak to allow Outlook to do the same? i.e when you scroll down under the text Photos appear one after another as well as having them attched normally. i.e these are not inserted into the e-mail directly.

Thanks for your time,


  hugh-265156 12:27 27 May 2004

does sending as HTML help

in outlook click tools/options/mail format and set sending format here

not sure if this helps or not but i use HTML and thats how my pics appear in the body of mail.

  gadget119 12:30 27 May 2004

It's set to HTML, but thanks anyway.

  gadget119 13:06 27 May 2004

Any good folks got anymore ideas?

  hugh-265156 13:42 27 May 2004

are you clicking

insert/picture then choosing browse to find your pic? or just clicking attach?

  gadget119 14:14 27 May 2004

I'm just clicking attach although, I do know that Insert pic embedes a pic in the text. Outlook Express does it when you simply attach but Outlook doesn't appear to.


  hugh-265156 14:27 27 May 2004

is that not what you wanted?

use insert/picture to insert in the body.

or attach to just attach it.

im confused now :-)

  B1ggles 14:44 27 May 2004

Usually, AFAIK, if you attach a jpeg (or several other picture formats) it shows within the email, without the recipient actually having to open the attachment as such.

I guess it might depend on the recipient's email client?


  gadget119 14:46 27 May 2004

Sorry this is confusing.

In Express when you attached a picture it used to preview on the recipients PC below the text on the e-mail. e.g when you just attached it (you didn't have to Insert the pic aswell.)

Outlook doesn't do this automatically like Express used to.

I can do it with insert pic. It would be nice if it did it when you simply attch pics automatically like express used to.

If you use express you'll know what i mean.

Thanks again

  hugh-265156 14:54 27 May 2004

yes i use both

OE does embed the pic into the body when you attach with Outlook I need to click insert picture.

if your recipient uses outlook express ask them to use the preview pane.

view/layout tick box that says preview pane.

they will then see the embedded pic without opening the mail.

but its a security risk.

  gadget119 15:01 27 May 2004

Yes I agree with you huggyg71 thanks for your patience.

I was just hopeing i could change a setting to allow Outlook to behave like Express when the preview pane is on.

I am happy to take the security risk as I have anti virus that is updated daily and i have a firewall. (It's still good to watch what I'm openeing though)

Many thanks I think I'll have to open pics individually when i receive them using Outlook.

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