Outlook Express or mailing program?

  edenworkshops 09:23 12 Oct 2009


I have a list of about 100 people who want to recieve my newsletter.

Would you use Outlook Express, in which case how?

Or would you use a mailing program, if so which one?

Thank you


  Taff™ 09:45 12 Oct 2009

100 is manageable within Outlook Express. Simply create Distribution Lists with 25 in each one. (Don`t exced 25 though, some ISP`s will not allow more and some will mark you as a spammer if you send e-mails out consecutively to several distribution lists within a certain time frame. I use Plusnet and generally e-mail groups at 5 minute intervals OK.

  edenworkshops 12:21 12 Oct 2009

Hello and thanlk you for the reply.

I am not sure what you mean when you say a distribution list, I did a search for the term in Outlook Express but found nothing.


  johnnyrocker 20:16 12 Oct 2009

sorry to be a nuisance but bcc does not actuall work in outlook express? did not mean to divert


  edenworkshops 10:23 13 Oct 2009

Thank you I have it now.

BCC does work for me.


  edenworkshops 10:23 13 Oct 2009

Thank you I have it now.

BCC does work for me.


  edenworkshops 10:31 13 Oct 2009

Hello, back again.

Was someone making the point that if I do use Outlook Express and send out batches of 25 mails, that I should wait a period between each sending.

Can anyone suggest a simple mailing program, does seem a bit long winded with OE?


  Taff™ 08:52 14 Oct 2009

Hi edenworkshops - yes, that was me. Each ISP has their own rules for combatting SPAM and I`ve frequently fallen foul of their filters. In my experience if you send out an e-mail that is copied (using a group or distribution list) to more than say 30 people at a time your e-mail gets flagged. Repeat that within say, 5 minutes, and you get flagged again - a third time might, and I say might, get your e-mail address flagged as a Spammer. It has happened to me which resulted in my e-mail address being blacklisted for about two weeks with certain other ISP`s.

Marg7 has suggested a suitable alternative to OE and is similar to programs used in commerce however paying for a full licence probably isn`t worth it for 100 people. I regularly send out newsletters and information to mailing lists of between 75 and 350 recipients. Depending on the content, (i.e. If there is an attachment) I use distribution lists or personalised e-mails. The latter is mail merged (to e-mail) using Word and Outlook. This doesn`t work however for Outlook Express.

That said, merging 350 personalised e-mails means I have to switch off Avast antivirus and crucially send out batches of no more than 30 every few minutes for the reasons explained. Once I get blacklisted as a spammer about 30% of my e-mails bounce back immediately so I have to take care!

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