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  Muergo 11:29 12 Sep 2010

How can I stop Outlook Express from popping up a "Do you want to compact" message?

It interrupts anything I am doing,
I can use the compaction instruction manually when I want to but cannot find an option to turn off this auto message.

Tried "maintenance" and the Help list but can't find anything relating to it.

  mfletch 11:33 12 Sep 2010

Let it do it,

And dont do anything untill its finished,

It will ask every 100 times you open Outlook express

There's no way to stop it without messing with the registry

  lotvic 11:36 12 Sep 2010

You can't, it's supposed to do the compacting every 100 times the program has been opened.
Let it do it. It is routine maintenance built into the program.
All it does is 'tidy up the file system' - a bit like defragging.

  Sea Urchin 11:41 12 Sep 2010

It normally "pops up" as you close Outlook Express (for the 100th time) - so shouldn't interrupt anything. As mfletch says you need to let it do it. It should only take less than a minute to complete. I've known "messing with the registry" to change the counter cause even more problems.

  Muergo 12:16 12 Sep 2010

It's much much less than 100 times , I don't close OE unless I'm rebooting, otherwise it's pemanently there, and I certainly don'access it 100 times.

It pops up when I am on another page and when I am composing messages, in fact it's totally random and if I cancel it will pop up incessantly every few minutes.

There is no shortage of disc space, I have oodles to spare.

  mfletch 13:17 12 Sep 2010

Switch to using Windows live mail click here

  lotvic 13:57 12 Sep 2010

"There is no shortage of disc space, I have oodles to spare"
That has no bearing on OE's capacity for it's own storage within the program.

click here and read number 2, the 2nd part for XPSP2 -
make sure you fully understand before altering anything.

In the registry
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Identities\{GUID}\Software\Microsoft\Outlook Express\5.0
in the left pane click highlight 5.0
in the right pane look for the key CompactCheckCount

I strongly advise you back up your email (make a separate copy) before you alter anything.

  Muergo 15:35 12 Sep 2010

Thanks to everybody and lotvic in particular, that Microsoft bulletin/article is worth reading by anyone running OE, especially e-mail scanning virus implications.

I will print it all out before doing anything, my e-mail is regularly backed up by Acronis.

If/when I change to W7 I shan't have the problem.

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