Outlook Express on old hard drive

  bobbyalec 23:15 02 Sep 2003

Here I am again - I have a new upgraded tower and have transferred files OK from the old hard drive but can't seem to retrieve emails/email folders from it, but feel they must still be in there somewhere..........anyone help please?

and thanks for this and all previous helps.

  Simsy 23:58 02 Sep 2003

is where to find the folders that outlook express puts your email in?

Each "folder" that you have in Outlook Express, (i.e. "inbox", "sent", "draughts", and any others you may have created), is stored as a .dbx database.

These are all in the same folder, a different folderf or each identity that OE has, several folders deep. I can't remember exactly, but the default path is something like

C:\Windows\application data\ blah blah... and eventually you get to a folder that has a name consisting of lots of numbers, (one of these for each OE identity). Inside this is a folder called "Outlook Express" and the .dbx files are inside this.

Do a search for *.dbx and you should find them.

You can change where OE stores the files via Tools>Options.

I hope this helps.



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