Outlook Express on ntl BB with Norton

  nickdb1 19:23 06 Nov 2004

I know this has been discussed before, but the solutions don't seem to be working for me(!). I'm having much trouble with using OE on ntl BB; I've tried uninstalling Norton Internet Security as advised by Microsoft, which allows OE access to the server, but when it's reinstalled the problem returns. Just wondered if I was missing a crucial bit of the solution, or if anyone knows any other fixes, like other firewalls that work better, etc. Any help may just keep me sane...

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 13:36 08 Nov 2004


  bretsky 14:01 08 Nov 2004

Could you please explain the problems you are having because NAV/NIS can be quite complicated.
Or it could be a silly setting adjustment in OE.

bretsky ;0)

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 16:50 08 Nov 2004

nickdb1 is on XP with SP2, Norton IS 2003, OE&IE6, and been through ntl on line help to check all the settings, and has made no difference. The only way I can get my mail to OExp is by uninstall of NIS. Thus have to check mail by ntl webmail. While NIS is uninstalled the OExp will send/recv my mail.

  bretsky 17:14 08 Nov 2004

You have just said the magic words, sp2, says it all click here
I think its quite easy to say that you NIS is not compatible with sp2, go to synmantec site to the faqs and try and get a patch fix for it.
Sorry I cannot be more positive.

bretsky ;0)

  nickdb1 18:34 08 Nov 2004

Thanks for that. Synmantec's site seems to insist that NIS will work OK with sp2. As I've got a subscritption for McAfee and have got hold of a trial version of their firewall, do you think this is a better solution? Seems to be working OK (for now). Thanks again for your help.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 18:37 08 Nov 2004

If unable to fix and you want to try a free AV program I use and can recommend AVG Free (edition 6) available from click here . This free edition is going to be discontinued but will a new Free version will be available later this month - see here - click here .

  bretsky 21:08 09 Nov 2004

I don't rate Norton all that much, and have no experience with McAfee. But if it works for you, then fine.......Let us know how you get on.

bretsky ;0)

  wallbash 21:19 09 Nov 2004

I use Outlook Express (and Thunderbird) with Nortons 2003 and yes I am on NTL BB. Its always worked for me . So my only help to you is , the set can/will work .

  nickdb1 21:39 09 Nov 2004

I've gone for McAfee AV and firewall (which is free for 30 days) and everything seems to be OK, so I'll stick with that until the subscription expires, I think. Although I didn't use Norton AV (because I already had Mcafee), I guess there might be a conflict between the two. I trawled thru the settings several times but nothing seemed to make a difference, execpt uninstalling NIS 2003. Thanks again for the advice guys.

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