Outlook Express not working

  DAKAR 17:14 24 Feb 2008

Hello everyone
I need some help with my OE I am running XP and last week I could not receive any emails,so I contacted Tiscali and they checked it out and said that the emails were going into my web mail account and that I have got a problem with Outlook Express and I need to get it repaired but did not tell me how to do it
Can anyone advise me as what to do
Many thanks

  recap 17:22 24 Feb 2008

click here for instructions on how to set up Tiscali and Outlook Express

  DAKAR 18:11 24 Feb 2008

Thanks for that recap,
But that was one of the first things I did,I removed the account and then added the new one just as the instructions you sent me suggests.
When that did not work I contacted tiscali who did the same thing again setting up of account that is when they told me I have a problem with OE

  brundle 18:14 24 Feb 2008

What error messages do you see, if it's a simple configuration problem there will be a number starting 0x800 - Tiscali's own help pages are pretty detailed regarding those.

  DAKAR 18:34 24 Feb 2008

Hi Brundle
This one is weird No error messages at all everytime I select send and receive it says checking for messages and then comes up with No New Messages
and when I check on my web mail there are messages I sent a couple of test messages to myself they did not come through on OE but were on tiscali web mail

  brundle 18:38 24 Feb 2008

If you have Mailwasher see them on the server? If you dont have it, get it here click here. Just import the account settings from OE, no need to do the configuration again.

  DAKAR 20:16 24 Feb 2008

Hi brundle
I have got Comodo installed now for some time which is doing a good job do you think it will help to install mailwasher

  MAJ 20:20 24 Feb 2008

Comodo is a firewall/antivirus/antimalware suite of programs, Mailwasher is a spam filter, two different things, DAKAR. Knowing Tiscali, I would say the fault is at their end.

  brundle 20:24 24 Feb 2008

Installing Mailwasher will help you find out if the problem is with OE, your PC or Tiscali.
No need to keep it afterwards, and there are other ways to check

  recap 21:40 24 Feb 2008

You may find an error in the Event Viewer. Right click My Computer select Manage/Event Viewer/Application. If there are any post the ID number and Source.

  DAKAR 18:42 27 Feb 2008

I have done what you suggested and looked in application and there are loads of lines of information what exactly am I looking for
I have also installed mail washer
What do I do with it now?????

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