Outlook Express not sending whole message

  The Belarussian Mafia 22:33 01 Jun 2005

Outlook Express has today started omitting the last line or two of (longer - but not huge-) messages we send. This is confirmed by the recipient and is visible when viewing the message in the "Sent Items" folder.

It may not be relevent, but the messages were in Cyrillic fonts (i.e. in Russian).

  The Belarussian Mafia 11:19 02 Jun 2005

Does nobody have any suggestions?

Where text has gone missing at the end of the message, one of the following has appeared in its place:

<FONT face



Have done a virus check. Perhaps OE is corrupted?

  pauldonovan 11:50 02 Jun 2005

...not have those fonts in place?

That looks like HTML, so I presume Outlook Express is set to send mails as HTML. Is there another option in outlook express to send emails as another format?

  Andsome 11:54 02 Jun 2005

As stated a message can only as far as I know be seen if the font that it is sent in is also on the receiving computer. Try putting this font in the centre of a message, and see if it received, using standard fonts at the beginning, and the end of the message.

  The Belarussian Mafia 20:19 02 Jun 2005

pauldonovan and Andsome: Thanks for these thoughts.

There has never previously been any problem with the recipients reading our emails, and even now the text they actually receive is fine. (Plus bear in mind that as the messages appear in our 'Sent Items' folder in their truncated form, it would seem that it is not a problem with the recipients' fonts - we see the same problem when viewing the messages on the same computer that sent them.)

Yes, we are sending in HTML format. We could try plain text, but what would the issue actually be - would this mean that we need to reload OE to get full functionality back?

  pauldonovan 11:09 03 Jun 2005

Go into Tools, then Options, then go to the Send tab. On there there are some options for different encodings.... is it worth trying different settings there?

Mind you, I guess most of your emails might not be in this particular language so that might affect elsewhere!

  The Belarussian Mafia 11:24 03 Jun 2005

pauldonovan - Thanks. We'll try this; if it works we can swap between HTML & plain for English messages. Mind you we might have the same problem with English messages (which would restrict us to plain text) as I have not sent any long emails in English lately, and it might be the length rather than the message that triggers the problem.

It would still be good to hear from anyone who has an inkling of what might be the original cause of this strange phenomenon. (If noone knows, I might go over to the Mozilla equivalent of OE, which I have heard is much better anyway.)

  wee eddie 11:28 03 Jun 2005

It maybe that your signature has become corrupt, but I feel it is more likely that someone is using an unrecognized font.

Just check here. Tools > Options > Mail Format

  The Belarussian Mafia 11:55 03 Jun 2005

wee eddie - Thanks. By the way, we don't use a 'signature'.

How could an unrecognised font be the problem if we send the message and then immediately view the same message in 'Sent Items' and see the problem for ourselves (i.e. the text at the end is missing)?

What did you want me to do in Tools > Options > Mail Format? Just change to Plain Text?

  wee eddie 12:15 03 Jun 2005

What is the character, or action, immediately following and preceding the cut-off point.

Try writing your Mail in the Word Processor and "Pasting" it in. Then comparing it, with the sent item, side by side.

9 or 10 point Ariel should be OK.

  wee eddie 12:16 03 Jun 2005


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