Outlook Express not sending email

  howard64 09:03 20 Apr 2010

I have had 2 people in the last 2 days asking for help as OE will not send emails and just reports an error. Is this coincidence or something to do with the fact that MS no longer support OE?

  mgmcc 09:29 20 Apr 2010

It cannot possibly have anything to do with Microsoft not supporting Outlook Express. That simply means they won't be updating it or providing technical support - the program will continue to function as previously.

What is the error message, which ISP are they connecting with and whose SMTP server are they using?

  howard64 09:32 20 Apr 2010

thanks mgmcc so far I have only talked to them on the phone and 1 simply said it just said error. Both are with BT/Yahoo and they can send and receive via the BT/Yahoo site but not with OE. I will have to get further info from them.

  BurrWalnut 09:32 20 Apr 2010

You haven’t listed the error message, however try this:

Navigate to your store folder which, if you haven't moved it, is a hidden folder located at C:\Documents and Settings\username\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{GUID}\Microsoft\Outlook Express and then delete Outbox.dbx. You may have to show 'hidden' files in Folder Options > View Tab to see it.

Open Outlook Express and a new, empty Outbox will be created by Windows. If you receive an ‘in use’ message, boot to Safe Mode (tap F8 at switch on) and delete it.

  howard64 09:42 20 Apr 2010

thanks BurrWalnut will use if it turns out to be an OE problem not something else.

  howard64 19:13 20 Apr 2010

In the one system I have looked at so far it turns out that zone alarm suddenly had question marks in 3 out of the 4 boxes in the programs allowed section. This is very strange as the person hardly uses the pc and claims to have done nothing to cause it. They also have never done anything with za other than the tick and allow/deny. Thanks again everyone.

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