Outlook Express not recognising login

  AngloAmerican 20:22 15 Feb 2008

I use web-mail, so can use e-mail by going on-line via Internet Explorer and checking my in-box there. I have configured Outlook Express with exactly the same log-in details. However, when I launch OE, it repeatedly asks me to log-in. I do so, again and again, until I can bear it no more, then I click Cancel. OE now carries on down-loading the messages into my in-box in the normal way. What is going on ?

  Gongoozler 20:33 15 Feb 2008

If you are absolutely sure that the username and password are right, perhaps you have the wrong server name.

  AngloAmerican 20:50 15 Feb 2008

I am not quite sure what you have in mind. I have not changed the name in any way. Yes, I have changed the password, but I have adjusted the entry for OE in Tools, Accounts. I really am mystified.

  Mad Mick 22:50 15 Feb 2008

This will sound stupid, it did when my cousin told me!! He had a similar problem in that he could send emails but not receive them. He contacted Tiscali and they told him to clear out his cookies folder. This he did and everything appears OK now. Strange but true!!

  johnnyrocker 23:33 15 Feb 2008

your isp needs to be informed of the password change?


  AngloAmerican 12:39 16 Feb 2008

Perhaps I have not explained this clearly. The ISP is fully configured with the necessary details. However:

1. OE persists in asking me again and again for those details.
2. If I give up entering and re-entering the details in OE, and click Cancel, OE then downloads mail messages and generally behaves exactly as if there were no difficulty.

Nearly a year ago, I gave up on OE and all the other Microsoftish torments, and changed to a MacBook, a decision that I wish I had taken 20 years earlier. However, just for the time being, I have got a neighbour's PC here that needs mending, and hence the difficulty.

  Gongoozler 12:50 16 Feb 2008

I suspect that OE is trying to access emails from a defunct account, hence when you cancel it, OE then gets on with accessing the valid account.

  Blackhat 12:53 16 Feb 2008

I had this problem a while ago and sort help here. This is the answer I got and it worked.

Outlook Express keeps prompting for your password.

NOTE: Following this procedure will remove all stored passwords for your user account. Make sure you know what they are before performing this procedure!!
This fix also applies to Outlook, other programs that store passwords in the Protected Storage System Provider sub branch of the Registry. It also corrects some issues with Internet Explorer and Autocomplete.
This is caused by a damaged Registry key.

To Remove the broken Key in Windows® XP

1) Click Start, click Run, and then type regedt32 in the Open box.

2) Locate the following registry key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Protected Storage System Provider

3) Right click the HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Protected Storage System Provider key, and then Select Permissions.

4) In the Permissions for Protected Storage System Provider dialog box, click the Advanced tab. Make sure that the <Username> has Full Control access. Select "Replace permission entries..."

5) Click OK.
6) Repeat steps 3 through 5 for each subkey that is listed under the Protected Storage System Provider registry key; otherwise, you may receive the following error message when you try to delete the Protected Storage System Provider key:
Registry editor could not delete the key currently selected. The key or one of its
subkeys does not give you delete access.
Note: The sub keys under Protected Storage System Provide will look something like this:

7) At this point, you can delete the Protected Storage System Provider key by clicking Delete on the Edit menu. If you prefer, you can first export a copy of this key, and then delete the key. To export the key, right click the Protected Storage System Provider key, and select Export. The exported file can be re-imported by double clicking on it.

8) When you click Delete, you receive the following message:
Registry editor will delete the currently selected key and all its subkeys. Do you want to continue the operation?
Click Yes to finish the process.

9) Start Outlook Express. When Outlook Express checks your mail account(s) you will be able to re-enter your password(s). This process repopulates the Protected Storage System Provider registry key with the correct information for that computer's SID.

  AngloAmerican 13:21 16 Feb 2008

Many thanks, Blackhat, I wondered if the registry might need attention. I shall speak to the owner of the PC before making that change, and shall certainly report back.

Thanks to you and others for your help.

  AngloAmerican 17:24 16 Feb 2008

I have carried out steps 1 - 6, but when I try to export as in step 7, I get the error-message 'The selected branch does not exist.' Can you kindly advise ?

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