Outlook express and Norton Security 2004

  Stato 22:51 16 Jun 2004

My friend at work is having problems sending emails. She sends the email from outlook express and it is then scanned by norton for any viruses but the email is never received by the person she is sending the email to.
I suggested disabling email scanning for outgoing emails but this made no diference. Is their anything else we can try?

  VoG II 22:54 16 Jun 2004

Does it appear in the Sent Items folder?

  PSF 22:57 16 Jun 2004

Are all the updates to date? click here

  Stato 23:12 16 Jun 2004

VoG Can't say for sure, will have to ask tomorrow at work. What I do know is that the email is in the outbox and is sent by outlook, norton then scans email for viruses, so as email has left outlook and is no longer in the Outbox I presume it will be in the sent items folder.
She has tried to send an email to her works email address and it hasn't been received.

PSF Updates will be upto date as she is using Internet Security 2004 and was updated using Live Update when it was registered, also when she logs onto internet Norton is set to do an automatic Live Update.

  PSF 23:19 16 Jun 2004

I asked about the updates as the mail re- director was updated today and yesterday. I also use NIS 2004.

  THE TERMINATOR 23:38 16 Jun 2004

Also check if the firewall is allowing her e-mails to be sent....TT

  Stato 23:45 16 Jun 2004

With the mail re-director been updated, do you think this is what has caused the problem, are you having the same problem?

I thought the email settings were incorrect and had them checked but they were as they should be.

  Stato 23:54 16 Jun 2004

Thanks "The Terminator", I shall get her to check the setting tommorrow.

  PSF 15:04 17 Jun 2004

You may have to un-install and re-install NIS 2004 as something may be corrupt. After you have un-installed NIS 2004 search c: for all Symantec files and delete them, re-boot and then re-install.

If you do not remove the Symantec files all your old settings will come back as un-installing does not remove them.

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