Outlook Express-no view in the preview window!

  jonesthelimp 13:53 12 Jul 2004

This morning I downloaded a batch of emails using Outlook Expres (v6.0, Freeserve account, Windows XP)

They all downloaded but I cannot see them, or my myriad archived emails in the preview window.

However, if I save the contents of the preview window to desktop or floppy I can open both message and attachments quite happily as.eml files.

Any explanations/advice gratefully received


  Djohn 15:01 12 Jul 2004

Is the preview window showing, or do you just have the one main window on show? If it's not showing, go to View/Layout, place a tick in the box. "Show preview pane"

  Stuartli 15:25 12 Jul 2004

If you are wise you will keep the Preview Pane permanently disabled.

It's a known instant route into your system for e-mail viruses - just one click can set them loose.

However, with Preview Pane disabled, you can see your e-mails in list form.

Those that you are happy with you can open by left clicking; if not, right click, select Properties and then read the header.

The message itself can be read from Message Source. If you are happy, then just Cancel and read as normal; if not, Cancel back to the highlighted message line and then use the Toolbar Delete button to get rid of it (them).

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