Outlook Express & Multiple Users Windows XP

  muscic lover 20:14 17 Nov 2005

New-ish to Windows XP. Have 2 user accounts (Myself & t'missis), & both use the same email address. However, Outlook Express opens with two separate Outlook Express inboxes. Or, in other words, emails that were in User 1's inbox do not show up in User 2's inbox & vice versa. How can I make the same Outlook Express inbox launch for both users ?
Ok, could obviously just be one user account, but we both have our own little bits we like to have on desktop etc, so 2 separate user accounts are desired.
Cheers! :-)

  Jackcoms 21:42 17 Nov 2005

If you both use the same e-mail address you can't both use OE in your separate user accounts. If you do, you'll find that sometimes e-mails are downloaded to OE in your wife's account and at other times you will download e-mails to OE in your account.

The are 2 solutions:

You must agree that you will only download e-mails into OE in one account or the other.


You should each have a separate e-mail address and you can then use OE in your own accounts for your own separate addresses.

  Skills 21:49 17 Nov 2005

OK ive not tried this so I dont know if it will work but you can change the place where Outlook express (OE) stores it messages. In outlook express tools | options | Maintenance Tab | Store Folder button.

Now I think what you'll need to do is change this stored location to a place where both user accounts can access.

Such as c:documents and settings\all users

Now change the other OE account to the same place and you should get the same mail in both. But you will get the exact same mail if it works and whatever you delete in one will be gone from the other. This is the only way round it I can think of as normally OE stores the information for each OE in its own location. Before you do that thou you will need to backup any mail and settings etc as theres a good chance they will be lost from those identitys as you are changing the save location. This program click here will backup and reimport that if needed.

  Skyver 21:54 17 Nov 2005

Either that or change your account settings - check the `Do not delete from Server` box in Advanced - this way nothing is deleted so a second / third / fourth etc user can download the same new emails. From OE, Tools/Options/Accounts, highlight the relevant account, click Advanced. That may not be quite right, I don't use OE, but it should take you to the right area.

  Skills 22:01 17 Nov 2005

Tools | accounts | mail tab (click on mail account) | properties |advanced tab delievery down the bottom

  Skyver 22:03 17 Nov 2005

Ty Skills

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