outlook express /multiple email addresses

  charlton200 14:06 13 Dec 2003

i have set up an extra email in outlook express for my wife.
how do i get a, to section, in my inbox.
i have got a, from section, but not a to section.
so the problem i am having is i still don't know who the email is for me or her. i have been though the help file but i can not see the answer.

thanks for your time.

  bretsky 14:45 13 Dec 2003

If I'm right in thinking you want your wife's email under your login you have to create a new identity in oe which you can do if you go to file-identities-add new identity, then this will take you through a wizard to do this, askng for pop3 acount name and smpt info etc etc

Then when you or your wife wants to check email you open up oe and click on file then switch identities, click on your wife's name then ok and you should be able to receive her mail only, or visa versa.

I assume you are using oe6.

Good luck bretsky;0)
ps:hope I have got hold of the right end of the stick here!!!!

  charlton200 15:05 13 Dec 2003

thanks bretsky,
yes i am on oe6.
on the setting up multiple emails on the freeserve site it has a picture of the inbox with a "to" column a "from" column and "received" column etc.
and on the list of incoming emails in the "to" list it has the name of who that email is to.
all i have got in my inbox is a from and received column.
i have been though the wizard and set up a new indenity for her.and i she what you mean going though the file menu to switch identity's.
but, if there is a way to see all the email and who they are to, in a list, i would prefer that.

thanks very much for your advice.

  AndyJ 15:36 13 Dec 2003

If I've read this correctly, all you need to do is open OE and on the line where you want the "To" i.e From, Subject, Received etc

Right-click anywhere on this bar and select "Columns"; put a tick in the To option

  charlton200 16:02 13 Dec 2003

thats it.
thanks very much andyj.

  bretsky 17:08 13 Dec 2003

See what you mean charlton, glad you sorted it out...........bretsky;0)

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