Outlook Express - msimn.exe Application Error

  Mio 17:28 17 Jul 2003

When closing outlook express I get the following error message.
msimn.exe. Application Error
The instruction at "Ox 77f5210b" referenced memory at "Ox 00834e3c". The memory could not be written. Click on OK to terminate program.
The reference addresses seem to change each time.
This happens about 25% of the time when I exit from Outlook Express.
I am using a Pentium 4 PC (2.8 GHz.) with 512K memory and Windows XP.
I am using Outlook Express / Internet Explorer
Version 6. Any help in finding a solution to this will be greatly appreciated.

  hugh-265156 17:45 17 Jul 2003

found click here
click here

only for outlook though nothing for outlook express.

have you all the updates from click here

  Mio 17:48 17 Jul 2003

Thank You for the links. I'll check them out.

  Djohn 18:19 17 Jul 2003

It's becoming a well versed problem of late, I have been in touch with Microsoft direct regarding same thing. At least 4 other forum users are having the same problem with various degrees of success in curing.

Although M/Soft do not have the answer, they feel it is down to the type of Anti-virus checker that is running. With me it's happening with a combination of "Freeserve" and "AVG". If I use a different ISP or turn off the AVG, the problem goes away. Neither of these solutions are really acceptable, also "Freeserve" are unable to help even though I have spent a couple of hours talking with one of their technicians. Regards j.

  Djohn 18:22 17 Jul 2003

click here check this thread out and follow my link there for more on this subject. j.

  Mio 09:14 18 Jul 2003

Huggyg71 - Thank you for your help, I have checked and I already have got all the updates.

Djohn - Thanks for the thread. Has been very useful. I have a combination of Freeserve, XP,
Norton Anti-Virus and Outlook Express V6.
I have checked all relevant files and none of them are read only. But I have disabled my anti-virus software, opened and closed Outlook Express, and then re-enabled Anti-Virus.
I'm currently monitoring the situation, but so far I have had no more errors.
I will be checking over the next few days.
Thanks again.

  PHayes 09:49 18 Jul 2003


I've had a similar problem and currently use Freeserve, XP and Norton Internet Security, which contains AV as well.

I can't remember where I found the possible answer but followed Microsoft KB 318378 - How to Reinstall or Repair I.E and O.E in Xp.

Followed Method 1, which did not help but since following Method 2 this seems not to be happening. Be warned it does involve editing the registry.



  Chegs ® 09:57 18 Jul 2003

I used to get this whenever exiting OE,I "found" if I exit MSN Messenger,before closing OE it ceased throwing up the error.I also used another method(something to do in OE)worked,but not 100% of the time,so I stopped using this method(and as it is ages since I had this error,I forgot exactly what it was to do in OE,possibly compacting folders?)

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