outlook express missing folders

  johnnyrocker 10:58 21 Oct 2005

a friend of mine has lost folders that would normally be under in box such as sent delete etc, i seem to recall a microsoft fix by running some dlls or such but i cant find any reference by searching here or my files am i right or just getting old?


  Jackcoms 11:00 21 Oct 2005

Try System Restore

  johnnyrocker 11:21 21 Oct 2005

not really an option because in their words 'been like it for a while now'

thanks anyway.


  kalstras 11:31 21 Oct 2005

try adding folders to "local folders" by right clicking on the folder and and simply add a new "sent" folder or which ever folder you are trying to add.

  johnnyrocker 13:06 21 Oct 2005

the problem is folders they had have vanished and in the missing out box is a message with wrong address on it and they keep getting the usual warning about invalid mail etc and as the folder along with others is missing they cant delete it and remove the problem.


  splork 13:37 21 Oct 2005

do they want to recover all their old emails or just get the folders back?

  Granny. 13:41 21 Oct 2005

I don`t know if this site will help at all, but it does seem to cover a lot of Outlook Express problems. click here

  johnnyrocker 13:48 21 Oct 2005

i believe the prime wish at this time is to be able to delete the offending mail but will have to check regarding wanting retreival of all mails.


  scotty 13:56 21 Oct 2005

Each folder created in Outlook Express has a corresponding file saved somewhere on the harddrive. Search for a file named Inbox.dbx to determine which directory contains the files. Check to see if file Sent.dbx exists.

The structure for the OE directories is stored in a file named folders.dbx. If this file is deleted, OE will create a new version based on the dbx files in the directory. This should recognise the Sent.dbx file and make it available again.

As always, ensure data is backed-up before trying this.

  splork 14:01 21 Oct 2005

to refresh /all/ the folders to `just installed` state, export the address book for safety's sake, then create a new identity in outlook. this will create fresh .dbx files. depending on whether they use windows xp or 9x the .dbx files will be in different locations, you can find the current folder where the .dbx files are stored by going into outlook express/tools/options/maintenance/store folder.
First thing to try is to copy just the new `folders.dbx` file to their current identity and fire up outlook to see if it `sees` the old folders again, if not backup the old .dbx files, then copy the new empty ones over the damaged ones. long winded unfortunately...

  johnnyrocker 15:45 21 Oct 2005

thanks for the info i shall pass it on, if they find the sent/out etc can they not be restored into oe,? (sorry to be a bit thick about this) tis a mystery to me why this happened at all,

your info seems to be varying between outlook and oulook express whic has confused me even further sorr.


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