Outlook Express Message Recovery

  [DELETED] 09:59 04 Sep 2003

I recently had to recover my C drive so 'lost' everything. I had of course backed it up. I am trying to put my old emails back into OE and determined the files were located C:\documents & settings......*.dbx. I copied these back from my backup and all appear (including former sub-directories of inbox) except 'inbox'. The old file of this name definitely exists in the sub-directory. However OE is using a new inbox. Can I recover my old inbox?

  [DELETED] 13:03 04 Sep 2003

Yes, but it means changing your Store Folder, magc. Put all the old .dbx files (including the old inbox.dbx file) into one folder and store it somewhere safe on your hard drive, even on another partition if you want, but remember where it is. Then, in OE, go to Tools > Options > Maintenance tab, click on the Store Folder button, then click the Change button and change your present Store Folder to the folder you have just created and stored safely. You will then have all your old emails back when you re-boot your PC and re-start OE.

  [DELETED] 19:21 04 Sep 2003

"Thanks, but it did not work - same as putting in existing directory. What happens is that OE6 puts new file inbox (1).dbx and uses that. If I rename my original inbox to inbox (1) it just overwrites it!"

You need to have all the old email files in the new folder before you change the Store Folder, magc. If you only backed up the inbox.dbx file, you'll have a great deal of trouble trying to get it back in.

It's better if you reply here on the forum, magc, rather than emailing, that way others will know what's happening and be able to help.

  xania 20:27 04 Sep 2003

For the future, click here for a solution to this problem - sorry, doesn't help your current predicament.

  [DELETED] 16:37 05 Sep 2003

I did save ALL files. I set empty new sub-directory, copied all files from BU, went through procedure described. What happened was that it picked up on all files from backup except inbox! It continued to use the 'new' inbox. It had renamed the backed up inbox to inbox (3).dbx. There were 2 new files inbox (1).dbx and inbox (2).dbx. The dates for inbox 1 was today, inbox 2 yesterday and inbox 3 the day before (when I did the BU). Maybe I have too new a version of IE6, after restoring my HD I did an update from Microsoft, help about is showing 6.00.2800.11.23? Can I install an earlier version?

(Thanks for advice on future - looks very appropriate).

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