OutlooK Express - Maximising all E mails

  Derek100 13:56 30 Aug 2003

Can anyone please advise how to configure my Outlook Express Ver 6 so that on a click of the mouse the e mails are individually opened automatically ,maximised, rather than in the minimised form.

  xania 18:18 30 Aug 2003

I don't think this is possible on OE. I have checked the options for read, and this just does not appear.

  palinka 18:19 30 Aug 2003

Not sure what you mean by maximised and minimised.
But hope this may be of help.
In this age of new viruses almost daily it's best to have the preview Pane switched off. To do this, in OE go to View, then Layout and untick the "show preview pane" box. Maybe the preview pane is what you meant by minimised?
Anyway, having done that, you will now see only the From /Subject line of each email as it comes in. Right click on this, and choose Open, and there you are, the complete email will open with a click - well, 2 clicks, of the mouse.

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