outlook express 'mailbox full' error

  mikeyboy32 06:43 24 Sep 2008

In outlook express for some reason i can no longer get any emails to my inbox. they are going straight to my mcafee anti spam folder stating 'mailbox is full'. but my inbox isnt anywhere near full (about 50 emails), and neither are the sent or saved folders.i also deleted quite a lot of emails too to make sure.
this means that i can not read any new emails anymore.
what can i do about this?

  Taff™ 06:48 24 Sep 2008

Who is your ISP? A mailbox full message normally refers to the mail server with your ISP. Is OE set to "Leave Copy of messages on the server"? (Have a look in the Advanced Tab of the account in question. Can you go to the mailbox using webmail to see how many e-mails you have on the server?

  mikeyboy32 06:51 24 Sep 2008

i have a ntlworld.com address, which is now virgin i assume. i cant find the advanced tab anywhere in the options to find my settings. can you tell me where it is?

  mikeyboy32 07:02 24 Sep 2008

ok just checked yes it is sewt to leave copies on server.how do i delete this server inbox so i can receive my emails again?

  Taff™ 07:45 24 Sep 2008

Just untick the box and restart OE. All e-mails on the server that have not been downloaded to OE will be deleted. Alternatively log in to webmail and manually delete them from there - which could take some time!

  mikeyboy32 08:49 24 Sep 2008

ok will try that when i get home from work tonight.thanks for the advice Taff.

  Taff™ 07:24 27 Sep 2008


  mikeyboy32 10:14 27 Sep 2008

yeah i took your advice Taff, and i'm pleased to report that everything is running 100% ok now.

  kristain 06:56 27 Sep 2011


The initial step to do when you get the error message “Mailbox Full” in Microsoft Outlook is to clean the mailbox. To do this, you need to open the application and click on the ‘Tools’ menu. You need to then access ‘Mailbox Cleanup’ and click the ‘View Mailbox Size’ button. As you click the button, you can see the dialog box appearing with total size and breakdowns by each folder. You can use the tool to search for old or large files, archive the Inbox and to empty deleted items.

  lotvic 10:51 27 Sep 2011

kristain, another of your useless copy & pastes

This thread is 3 years old

  birdface 11:21 27 Sep 2011


I have to agree with you.

He also posts a lot of bad sites.

Maybe the FE may think of removing him one of those days.

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