outlook express incoming mail server address probl

  jrb1946 21:28 05 Oct 2006

If I go to Outlook Express, tools, accounts, properties, servers. Incoming Mail keeps putting in numbers and it should read pop.supanet.com. I keep changing it but it won't stick ie everytime I switch off the computer and start it again, I have to reset it.

  Diodorus Siculus 21:32 05 Oct 2006 ?

Do you have some sort of anti-spam / anti-virus installed? If so, what is it?

  VoG II 21:35 05 Oct 2006

There's no place like

click here

  skidzy 21:39 05 Oct 2006

Rings a bell VoG™ !!!

click here

  it_girl 21:53 05 Oct 2006

jrb1946 I know this one only too well.It is setting the POP3 to 'local host'.

It is related usually to bundled anti-virus and spam filter software.What's in yours?
In the end you might find that un-installing the said package and then re-installing only the anti-virus is the only solution.

If this works then you can gamble on re-introducing the spam spam junk part.

  skidzy 22:00 05 Oct 2006

Exactly it_girl,took me months to find out the root of the cause as my link suggests.

Luckily i do not get much spam,and removing the spamkiller from add and remove solved this issue,eventually.

  it_girl 08:43 06 Oct 2006

skidzy just for the record regarding McAfee - if it ever strikes back again,then goto the McAfee site and use there own Removal programs.There are something like 4 different removal programs.The main one being Security Centre Removal.
I am currently using McAfee 2007 Suite and it is really good.Lots of extras including a Registry Cleaner.And it is very easy to install,especially compared to the 2006 suite.

  jrb1946 09:07 06 Oct 2006

Right, got my head around all that - Seems clear enough now what's wrong and how to fix it. So very many thanks diodorus siculus, vog,skidzy & it_girl. The protection software is Mcafee, but there may be others. JRB1946

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