Outlook Express, Incoming Mail address change.

  askgreg 20:10 10 Feb 2003

I'm sure there is an obvious answer to this query but at the moment I'm feeling very dim.!
I'm using 'Freeserve' as my ISP and the Incoming Mail address is 'pop.freeserve.net'.Each time I use the mailing system this address is change to 'Local Host' and the original mail address is added onto my 'Account Name'.This causes failures and I have to correct before I can receive my mail.Any ideas out there.? Many thanks in anticipation. Greg Askey.

  MAJ 20:13 10 Feb 2003

It's usually caused by your email virus scanning software. Disable that part, see if it helps. Are you using PC-Cillin by any chance?

  beeuuem 20:42 10 Feb 2003

Are you sure that you settings are correct?
From click here
In the white box below 'Incoming mail (POP3, IMAP or HTTP) server' you should have pop.freeserve.com
In the white box below 'Outgoing mail (SMTP) server' you should have smtp.freeserve.com

  DieSse 20:47 10 Feb 2003

MAJ is quite right - it'll be the AV program - several use localhost for their incoming mail proxy server name. PC-Cillin2000 is quite poor at times at continuing to work after it's made the change.

  askgreg 21:23 10 Feb 2003

Thanks for your responses.Yes, I am using PC-Cillin, but so I have for some time now, and the problem seems to have become more of a nuisance just recently.I will do as suggested, but if this solves the problem, do you suggest that I replace the virus protector.?

  MAJ 21:33 10 Feb 2003

Personally, I dumped PC-Cillin a long time ago. I now use AVG without any problems, it's also free. click here

  kimosabi 21:55 10 Feb 2003

Yes the other lads put you in the right direction I had the same problem and disabling the anti virus for that option solved it i have also dumped pc-cilln.but am now using nortons av with no probs my brother is using AVG and he has no probs at all and says that avg is a good prog
good luck

  askgreg 22:15 10 Feb 2003

Thanks 'beeuuem', all the settings were in fact correct.I cannot identify where I can disable the E Mail scanning part of PC-cillin and therefore I have downloaded a copy of AVG as suggested, and I will be in touch tomorrow , hopefully with the result of the installation.

  User-312386 22:31 10 Feb 2003

i have PC-CILLIN and allways use it

just disable the pop3 scan and thats it


  askgreg 14:03 11 Feb 2003

Many thanks to all of you who responded to my problem.All is sweetness and life again and I am using AVG.Have any of you used the connection click here looks interesting.!

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