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  giro 18:56 21 Dec 2003

Can any one please help?

I’m trying to assign incoming E-mails to my family e-mail addresses that I have already created in the inbox using outlook express, please help.

  LastChip 20:43 21 Dec 2003

Are you using message rules?

Are the e-mail addresses you have created real or fictitious?

  giro 21:17 21 Dec 2003

ive used the message rules but i'm not to sure what settings i should be using for each e-mail address.

the e-mails that i'm using are genuine

  LastChip 21:54 21 Dec 2003

In the first rule box select, "Where the To or CC line contains people" and enter the required name; in the second box select "Move it to the specified folder" and select the required destination.

  giro 22:35 21 Dec 2003

Thanks for your assistance "LastChip" i followed your instructions but it seams to send all sent e-mails to by deleted bin?

  LastChip 00:01 22 Dec 2003

where you are going wrong.

I just set up a test account on my machine, and it worked perfectly.

Here is a stage by stage procedure.

1. Open up Outlook Express, right click your Inbox and select "New Folder". Select a suitable name for your folder and click OK. This need not be within the Inbox, it could be a brand new folder, within the Local Folder tree.

2. Go to Tools; Message Rules; Mail; and click "New".

3. A "New Mail Rule" window will open up with a number of options in the first section. Tick the box "Where the To or CC line contains people" and you will see a new phrase in the third section within this window. There will be an underlined "contains people". Click on it, and a new window will open. Now type the name of the person (as it would appear in an e-mail) in the top box. Select Add; OK.

Just a little more about this, it is necessary to type the name exactly as it would be in an e-mail address, but not the address itself. So, if you had an account Fred.Bloggs @123 .com, you would need to type in Fred.Bloggs.

Furthermore, if one person has more than one e-mail account, you can add any number of accounts to this single folder. Just keep selecting "Add".

4. Now look at the second section in the "New Mail Rule" window. Select, "Move it to the specified folder" and you will find in the third section "specified" underlined. Click on it, and a new window will open, that allows you to browse to the required folder. Double click the folder, and "specified" will be renamed to your required folder. Click OK.

5. Now on the Message Rules box, click OK.

If you now send an e-mail to that account, you should find it will appear in the specified folder as soon as it is received.

  giro 00:17 22 Dec 2003

Thanks LastChip for your help. All the best for Xmas & the New Year.


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