Outlook Express identity help needed

  shezzer 20:12 09 Oct 2003

how do you set up another identity in outlook express so that the e-mail addresses are different.My son wants his own e-mail account with his own e-mail address so he can give his own out not mine .Hope someone can help cheers mike

  wildrover 21:00 09 Oct 2003

File, identity, new identity sets up a new identity.

The email address is arranged between you and your ISP. Most ISPs allow multiple email addresses, so it might just be a case of setting one up with them. As you probably know, you then set up the account in Tools, account, mail, add. You could do this without setting up a new identity. It depends on how private you want your son's emails to be - the new identity can be password protected.

Windows xp is good at handling multiple users so your son could log on to his own OE in xp if that is your OS.

  shezzer 21:21 09 Oct 2003

wildrover thanks for the reply. I forgot that it it is with your isp that you get your address from. I was trying to do it from identities and now realize where i was going wrong. Thanks alot for your help cheers mike

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