outlook express - identities

  SeedyBee 11:05 14 Feb 2006

If you set up a new identity, can that identity have mail posted to it and not to the main identity. If so. is the mail sent to the identity private?

  Ikelos 11:49 14 Feb 2006

1....Yes you can.............

2...it is till someone goes into the folder.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:02 14 Feb 2006

1. yes you can

2. set a password for the idenity and no one can access thier mail

  SeedyBee 12:03 16 Feb 2006

Many thanks for the replys.
What format does the mail address to the identity take?
ie: if the address to the main identity is [email protected]
how does the address differ when sent to the new identity?

  Simsy 12:12 16 Feb 2006

between "identity" and "account"...

(I'm assumming Outlook Express here... I asssume it's the same for other e-mail programs?)

An "identity" can have more than one "account", i.e. e-mail address. It doesn't matter what the address(s) are, (providing they aren't exclusivly Webmail addresses).

Does that help at all?



  SeedyBee 12:21 16 Feb 2006

Afraid I am a little confused - easily done - Yes outlook express is used. Not sure about the rest. Any chance of an example - if you have the time?

  pimpers 00:49 22 Apr 2006

To set up more than one identity with an ISP E.G. Virgin.net.(same applies to any ISP, NTL, BT, Tiscalli

You will have to log on to "your account" on the Virgin home page. Enter your password and username. Now look for adding new email address's, you should now have the main email address already filled in. Down the page you will see blank box's for you to fill in your chosen email address. You may have to choose one that is not already been used by another person.

Once you have your new email account set up with the ISP you can now add your new identity. Try these to help you.
click here or here click here

Good luck.


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