Outlook Express: How to Copy Inbox and Open it?

  silklink 00:13 27 Aug 2003

I use Windows XP.

I would like to find out , is it possible for
me to copy the Inbox Folder in Outlook Express
and save it in my Removable Hard Disk? What is
the name of the folder in Outlook Express should I look out for (there does not appear to have a folder called 'Inbox'. The closest I could guess is the 'msin' folder)

Also, once I copy this folder in my removable hard disk (Maxtor), can I take it to my friend's PC which also has Outlook Express installed and
open it there? If you know what to do, can you please tell me how to do it?



  Peverelli 00:27 27 Aug 2003

I think you'll find your inbox at C:\Documents and Settings\(your user name)\Application Data\Microsoft\Outlook Express

  jazzypop 00:27 27 Aug 2003

Open Outlook Express, chose File >Export.

Save the copied file to CD (or email it to your friend).

At your friends house, choose File > Import.

Remember to copy the saved file to your friend's Desktop, right-click the file, choose Properties and remove the 'read-only' attribute from the file, if you copied it to CD.

  powerless 00:28 27 Aug 2003

Search for Inbox.DBX

  silklink 00:55 27 Aug 2003

Dear All

Thanks for your quick response.

With regards to Jazzypop's advice, when I tried to open Outlook Express, and
chose File>Export, I got the message
"This will export messages from Outlook Express
to Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange". However, I do not want to export to either of them. I just wanted to save and copy the file.

Assuming I have found saved the Inbox file, as advised by Peverelli, at my friend's PC, when I tried to import the Inbox file, I will assume I will get all the messages in the Inbox. Now,
if I wish for my friend to go back to receiving his own Inbox in his Outlook Express, how do I move out of the 'import' function?


  Peverelli 01:02 27 Aug 2003

.. maybe you can create a new identity on your friend's computer (Outlook Express > File > Identities > Add New Identity) and save (/import?) your inbox file into the new folder that gets created. Not done this myself, just trying a logical guess.

  rsturbo 01:06 27 Aug 2003

Search for Inbox.DBX

then place it where you found it but on your friends machine (making sure you backup your friends inbox 1st!)

  Peverelli 12:36 27 Aug 2003

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