outlook express help - passwords

  User-F2543C90-A375-4957-AC5715C260074746 09:55 09 Jun 2006

I used to use this with just one password. Now Ive just updated my broadband connection and installed Norton anti virus etc from BT
Ive ended up besides having to put 1st password in to access outlook I have then 2 more after that to access server - these last 2 were not needed before.
Can I get round these last 2 so it does it all automatically?
I dont want to tackle this without knowing what Im doing as its been a problem to get outlook to work at all
thanks for help

  Ikelos 10:00 09 Jun 2006

can you not put them in again, and then delete all the old one's..

no. It wont save as far as I can see. Ive just found out that I have more than one a/c as a result of changes and I have deleted extra. But I still have to put in password to access my internet a/c when I want to send/receive a message on opening outlook whereas before it was auto. once i was in

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