Outlook Express Has A Problem ..... Again

  johndrew 12:17 11 Oct 2007

... and needs to close.

I posted for help on this topic the other day click here and followed the advice given by Technotiger. All seemed well.

Up to this morning all seemed well. However, on booting up as usual I clicked for OE and got the message that MSOE.dll could not be loaded. I re-booted and got the `Outlook Express Has A Problem ...` message again. I have re-booted several times and either get the MSOE.dll message or the Outlook Express Has A Problem message.

I have run Ccleaner to clear out any rubbish but this has had no effect.

Can anyone provide help for me to get OE up and running please. I should add that I`m running XP Pro SP2.

Many thanks in advance.

  Technotiger 13:15 11 Oct 2007
  birdface 13:15 11 Oct 2007

Have you ran tuesdays up-dates from Microsoft ,there was one for Outlook Express that may help.Or have you been getting the problems since the up-date.This from Microsoft.click here

  birdface 13:17 11 Oct 2007

I think you must have beet me to it bye a fraction of a second.Will need to polish up my typing skills.

  Technotiger 13:25 11 Oct 2007

I had a lot less to type :-)

  johndrew 13:50 11 Oct 2007

Thanks for coming back people.


Your link states the following:

•Microsoft Outlook Express 6.0, when used with:
Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition

so whether it will help I`m not sure. Also I have my address book integral when OE does load; are you saying that somehow it is becoming disassociated with OE as it loads?


I have updated - did it Tuesday evening. Also your link refers to updating from OE4 to 5 - I have been running 6 for some time now so I doubt it is that unless you can think of a reason.?

  johndrew 14:31 11 Oct 2007

Hope I`m not being thick, but when I try to follow the `Workaround` from your link there is no `Windows Setup` and I am unable to find the `Address Book` anywhere in the options available.

Think I need more help.

  birdface 14:38 11 Oct 2007

Googled,But no doubt you have already had a look. click here you keep having problems with Outlook Express,Have you thought about maybe downloading another e-mail provider.Maybe Thunderbird or Incredimail It gives you something else to use while you are having problems,Now there is Dial A Fix,It may fix your problem.But would only use it as a last resort.click here as far as I remember you press the green tick and then go.

  Technotiger 15:49 11 Oct 2007

OK - try again with this one ... basically all it is asking you to do is back-up your Outlook Express data, then uninstall and reinstall Outlook Express.

click here

Personally I have never used Outlook Express, too many people with too many problems using OE.

I have only ever used Incredimail, as have all my relatives and friends on my recommendation. Hint-hint!

  bruno 16:19 11 Oct 2007

I have used O/E for years but had a lot of trouble a couple of months ago.In the end after trying all sorts of "cures", I finished up downloading Windows Live Mail and it works really well.It actually replaces O/E completely and does exactly what O/E does,only better.Note that this is not Live Hotmail.Two different programmes.

  johndrew 16:37 11 Oct 2007

I have looked at many of these but they are either for earlier versions of Windows/OE or have already been tried.

I did try Thunderbird but didn`t get on with it very well. Perhaps it`s time to try again. I have never tried Incredimail and know little of it.

For the moment I`ll leave Dial A Fix alone; there must be more avenues.

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