Outlook Express - Hanging

  Spikefan 21:39 20 Jun 2004

I have a new computer, it is networked with old one, both running xp and microsoft home office. In the last couple of days I have been having a problem with outlook express hanging. If I connect to outlook and it freezes I am unable to do anything, whether it is surf, use an applicaton or anything. End up switching off at the front of the computer and re-booting then everything is fine.
I stopped outlook send and receiving at start up and removed hotmail just incase that was crashing.
Nothing has been installed on the computer prior to this happening. All programmes were installed a few days before this happening last Friday. It has happened 6 times now. As long as I connect to the internet via dialup icon and not outlook everything appears fine - what could the problem be indicating.

  VoG II 21:59 20 Jun 2004

Which ISP are you with?

  Spikefan 22:17 20 Jun 2004

I am with wanadoo - 512kb connection. I wondered about using outlook instead of outlook expresss. I havent had a problem with outlook express in all the years I have used it until recently. i had a corrupt file which wouldnt let me hold on to passwords -this was fixed and everything okay until last Thursday. The problem is intermitant.
I wondered whether opera could have anything to do with it. I am using 7.51. I had to reinstall that on Thursday as it was causing an explorer error.
I am I able to fix outlook express or will I be best moving to outlook.

  VoG II 22:30 20 Jun 2004

Check on the Wanadoo site to see if there are e-mail issues. There are on Blueyonder :o(

If you have MS Office then, yes, I would go for Outlook. It is much user friendlier, in my opinion. You should be able to import your address book from OE.

  Spikefan 05:16 21 Jun 2004

Checked with wanadoo this morning - according to them no problems - suggested the usual of removing my account and adding it again. Done that - strange that mail from last Thursday appeared again - definitely duplicates. Hard to tell whether this has worked or not as when the machine is re-booted mail usually works fine so only a few attempts will tell.
If I use outlook do you set accounts up the same as on outlook express. I have only briefly looked at it to get a bit of a feel. Dont want to do anything too rashly as my husband uses it for work so I need to get to grips with it first to explain to him - he doesnt like change if it can be avoided - lol. Looking at it, it looks as though I can just import my settings (mind if they could be faulty perhaps that not a good idea).
Wonder if it is coincidence the problem started around the time I was supposed to upgrade to 1meg broadband and was then told I didnt have sufficiently good enough line (contrary to what the bt engineer said when he arrived at my house).

  Spikefan 16:17 21 Jun 2004

I called into the local computer shop this afternoon whilst on lunch break and he suggested uninstalling and reinstalling outlook express. I have done this, but dont know whether or not this will resolve it as the problem is never consistant. I've had another look at outlook and think it will be user friendly enough for my husband but will wait a few days just to see whether or not the reinstalling has cured the problem.
Another thought I had was conflict between opera 7.51 and outlook or the fact that the computers are networked. Is it trying to find something first that isnt switched on.

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