Outlook Express files into Outlook10

  Mr. Chips 16:33 29 Jul 2012

Having had a problem with my old desktop PC under XP, and moved to using my laptop on Windows 7, I now want to get my old email files into Outlook 2010

I have managed to salvage the old hard drive and have all of the outlook Express .dbx files available ...

... But I can't see any way of pointing 2010 to them.

Also, is there a way of importing my old email lists?

Any ideas would be gratefully appreciated.

  difarn 16:55 29 Jul 2012

I assume that you have the.dbx files now on your Windows 7 laptop?
Have you tried in Outlook 10 clicking on file - import and export - and then finding the files?

Have a look at this article that gives different options on how to do this -

  lotvic 16:58 29 Jul 2012

Office Microsoft Suggest you read the page before doing the following (you don't want to inadvertently overwrite/delete any you already have in Outlook 2010

Import Outlook Express messages into Outlook

In Outlook, on the File menu, click Import and Export.

Click Import Internet Mail and Addresses, and then click Next.

Click Outlook Express.

Select the Import mail check box.

Click Next.

Click Finish.

To save a copy of the import summary to your Inbox, click Save in Inbox.

  Mr. Chips 17:40 29 Jul 2012


Yes, but there is no option to pull in the .dbx files.

Would it be worth converting from .dbx to .pst? Any idea which programme would be best to do so.

  Mr. Chips 18:24 29 Jul 2012


I don't have Outlook Express running in the laptop and as such, the application cannot find the files. There doesn't seem to be any option to change directories.

  Woolwell 18:33 29 Jul 2012

You're going to have to download Windows Live Mail import the dbx (OE) files into that and then export from WLM to Outlook.

See Move OE to Outlook

  lotvic 19:17 29 Jul 2012

"any option to change directories" no, apparently the 'smarty wizard in Outlook 2010 doesn't give you that option. It just goes to look on same harddrive as itself for OutlookExpress/WLiveMail.

I found this ClickHere, it's a bit jumbled but it seems you have to move them to Windows Live Mail on new pc then import them to Outlook 2010. Also read this as it says you have to have Outlook 2010 32bit version.

  Woolwell 20:57 29 Jul 2012

lotvic - I don't understand why it should make any difference between 32 and 64 bit and unless Outlook 2010 is different then there is the one version installed.

My post 6.33 and the link gives fairly clear instructions using WLM.

  lotvic 22:17 29 Jul 2012

Having read Woolwell's link and others I note that "When you export from Windows Live Mail to Outlook, the message headers are missing" that's a bummer.

It also seems a right faff moving from OE to Outlook. I think I'd be inclined to redownload/collect email from that stored on webmail servers straight into Outlook.

If I had a lot that weren't on Webmail server and only had .dbx store folders saved, I'd consider as an alternative importing them to WLM and forwarding them to myself, then collect using Outlook. (I'd prob try a few to see how it turned out)

  difarn 22:31 29 Jul 2012

I wonder if you need to tick "show hidden files and folders" in Folder Options to be able to find them.

I believe that you may then need to use WLM as advised by Woolwell.

  Woolwell 23:02 29 Jul 2012

The problem as always is the different file formats that MS use (dbx, pst) and it is almost as if they deliberately set out to make it difficult to transfer from one to the other.

This may make it clearer How to Outlook. Not sure why the message heading should go missing.

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