Outlook Express - error message - msimn

  swapper 15:38 11 Mar 2004

My neighbour has a problem with OE ver 6.
On start up a error message starts up " This prg. has performed an illegal op. if problem persists etc." in the details box we get the message "msimn caused an invalid page fault in module etc.etc."
We have uninstalled and reinstalled, gone back to Outlook 5.
We have scanned for viruses etc.


  GaT7 16:27 11 Mar 2004

Well, this is one solution for this particular problem:

1. Rename the Telephon.ini file in the Windows directory to Telephon.old

2. Restart your computer

3. Double-click the Tapiini.exe file in the Window\System folder (nothing appears to happen but this is normal)

4. Check to see that a [new] Telephon.ini file is created in the Windows directory.

5. Check to see if this problem recurs.

Post back & let us know how you got on...

  GaT7 16:50 11 Mar 2004

PS - if there's no joy with above solution, tell us the exact module name in the error message.

i.e., what follows the word module in "msimn caused an invalid page fault in module...".

  swapper 19:42 11 Mar 2004

Hello Crossbow7,

we followed your instructions to the letter.

Found the new Telephon (.ini) file, and then restarted the PC, with the original problem returning.
I read the following:-

msimn caused an invalid page fault in module
"unknown" at 0000=00000009. registers
eax=01B5F708CS=017FEIP=00000009EFLGS=00010203 and loads more.

Does this help?

'ow dya know all this stuff anyway :-)))

  GaT7 22:19 11 Mar 2004

Thanks for that. Sorry for the belated response.

Should have asked you this before - which OS please?

I have a few more possible things to try.

PS- Knew the above because it's what helped me solve a similar problem 1-2 years ago - taken off the Microsoft knowledge base.

  GaT7 23:58 11 Mar 2004

Before attempting any of the tips below, import all your mail into another e-mail client or use an OE backup program. If anything goes wrong at least you'll have all your folders & messages intact.

1. T'shooting Invalid page faults (IPFs) in OE - click here

2. Also try these - click here.

Though the above lists many IPF errors in different modules (not necessarily only of the 'unknown' type), it's worth looking at each more closely & even trying them out - some OE errors/solutions overlap each other.

  swapper 16:53 12 Mar 2004

Sorry, I should have mentioned this before , he has Win98SE.

Another thing that we have just noticed is that OE only reports this error if OE is accessed via the short cut on the desk top.
He uses Freeserve no ties, and if OE is accessed via the Freeserve home page there is no problem.

We will report on your last suggestions asap.

  swapper 20:19 13 Mar 2004

Hello Crossbow7, we have looked through and tried some of these messages that apply to his problem, but have had no luck. We have uninstalled and reinstalled I.E and OE, no luck.

It is very frustrating because it is only the short cut from the desktop that creates the error message.


  GaT7 21:34 13 Mar 2004

Hi swapper, send me a list of your system details.

Download, install & run Belarc Advisor (BA) from click here . When you run BA you get a report with a list of all your software & hardware.

Click on the yellow envelope next to my username & send me a message - just 'Hi' will do. I will reply with my e-mail address. You can then e-mail me the BA report as an attachment.

  VoG II 21:36 13 Mar 2004

" It is very frustrating because it is only the short cut from the desktop that creates the error message."

Delete the shortcut then create another!

  metamorph 21:42 13 Mar 2004

is there any need to mess about with it in the first place? its only a box when you shut down OE, ive had this error for cupla months now ive ignored it and it hasnt caused any probs (that i know of)

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