Outlook Express Empty Inbox/Create Mail problems

  San Alwigi 10:21 17 Aug 2003

I'm using XP, am a Telewest BB customer.

Recently, OE doesn't seem to retain my previous messages in my Inbox or Sent folders (even though I've checked the Save Messages on Server Option) and whenever I try to Create Mail, it tells me "There Was An Error Opening This Message. An Error Has Occurred"

I'm new to OE and I have searched other problems in Helproiom, but nothing seems to match this.


  john-232317 13:12 17 Aug 2003


  San Alwigi 21:42 22 Aug 2003

...out there?

  john-232317 07:56 23 Aug 2003

Looks like no one has had this prob before, as i dont have XP or telewest, all i can suggest is to load up OE again and put in the pop and smtp settings that telewest gave you and see if that cures it.

good luck john.

PS Maybe somebody will answer today, as this will send you back up the list.

  Simsy 10:39 23 Aug 2003

as I'm writing this at work where we don't use OE.

You say "I've checked the Save Messages on Server Option". By "Checked" do you mean that you've put a tick in the box, or do you mean that you've checked it and there isn't a tick there?

If the answer to that is the latter then I'll go no further...

If however you mean that there is a tick in the box that MIGHT be part of the problem...

Now I assume that this means "don't unload the email from the server", but it's possible that it also means "I'll use the server as my inbox folder", (i.e. instead of a folder on the PC).

As I said at the start, I'm clutching at straws here, but it might be worth a try with the box unticked.

Also, check the location of the "Store" folder, (accessed via Tools>Options), then navigate to this and see if it's dbx files seems appropriately sized. This would indicate that they contain the emails and are just not displaying, rather than the emails being lost from your PC.

Good luck,



  San Alwigi 13:10 24 Aug 2003

I'll give it a go, although as today I received the message "An unknown error has occurred" as soon as I launched OE, I think this may be a Blueyonder problem. Simsy - by checked, I did indeed mean that I ticked that option box. This was because I wanted to access my Blueyonder OE mail from work and needed the messages to stay on teh server (rather than uploading them to any particular PC), so I could re-view them from either location in the future.

Thanks for your thoughts, I'll let you know once I have the answer....

  Megatyte 14:49 24 Aug 2003

In OE click View - Current view and check that Show All Messages is selected. This option needs to be set individually for each folder.


  San Alwigi 18:56 28 Aug 2003

Turns out it was a conflict with my Macafee AV which had been recently updated (MSBlast and all that). Should have thought of that myself, but the helpful people at Telewest pointed it out for me.

Will re-install and hope it doesn't conflict in future.

Thanks to all.

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